What do you guys prefer? Limelight or Ink?


I suggest adding a poll (because I like polls, polls are fun) as you can find out how many players like the style over the other one.

I would used to say Ink, but I’m a bit more on to both now.


you gave a great explanation. Thank you so much.


I’m an INK girl, but I’m trying to warm up to LL because I know (sadly) that that’s the future. Like classic once was, Ink will slowly, but surely be outmanoeuwred. No point living in denial about it.



Ink, limelight is just not my thing.


I miss episode classic sm :frowning:


INK because the LL characters weird me out


M2, but the transition didn’t feel half has hard as it does with LL. Maybe because ‘ignorance is a blizz’? We didn’t know what would happen back then - this time we do.


  • Ink
  • Lime Light
  • Both

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hahaha that’s what I think too! Love ink all the way


both :joy:




I personally was having trouble picking on my own when I was choosing for my own story , but when I weighed the positives and negatives I figured out that…
limelight was more realistic but it does not have many options for the clothing and its harder to write using a computer or laptop .
And for ink there are many options , in may not have been that realistic as Iimelight though it was an amazing feature to use if you are writing your first story or second story or if you just like more options . I personally like ink 'cause of its variety !


INK. No doubt, no question.


i hate limelight i am forever married to ink