What do you guys prefer?

So, I was wondering, do people like when we are descriptive while writing stories? So, say the MC was going to his/her garden to pick some flowers, would you prefer it if the MC said something to themselves, like, “I’m going to the garden to pick some flowers for my mum” and then it shows the MC doing something with their hands which indicates that they are picking flowers, or do you prefer it just showing the MC going to the garden, and then in a narrator (MC’S NAME) speech bubble it says “I decide to go pick some flowers for my mum, as it is mother’s day, and she’s sick, so I think she’ll like them.”
It would be nice to know. Please include why you think that, as well.:slight_smile:

It would be nice, because you’ll understand and feel the MC.
Like you’re feeling her emotions, something like that.

(Sorry for my bad grammar.)

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Last one. It just is good.

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