What do you guys think about choices like these?

As I was writing my first story, a thought came into my head that hopefully could be answered by you guys! I’m really new to writing on episode, so I’d love to hear your input about this as readers and writers.

How do you feel about choices that tie together towards the end regardless of how they are picked?
An example of this would be if a character asked another character to share something about themselves, the reader would have a choice presented to them about answering honestly or not wanting to talk about it. The conversation is vital to the driving plot to the story, so either way the character would end up talking about it.

The thing about these choices I put in though, is that the other character (the one that’s asking for the discussion) will always remember whether or not they answered willingly or not, and their hesitation or openness will come up in the discussion later

What do you guys think of these types of choices? I’d love to hear your inputs!



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love it! and if u wanted to u can definitely use character points here


Sounds nice!

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Ah, my bad! Thank you for moving it :))
(the bucciarati icon is immaculate btw)

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You’re welcome! :grin: Thanks :blush:

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Yes! When the choices are meaningful the story is better in my opinion! :heartpulse: