What do you guys think about my unpublished story?

So, I am creating a story called All Falls Down. It is in limelight and has full CC.

Description : After escaping a facility holding others just like you, you’re forced to adjust to the outside world. As secrets unfold will you collapse under pressure or hold your ground? 1LI/CC

About : The story if focused around the MC having telekinesis and adjusting to the new world, she sets out to find her family while balancing her life and navigating.

Its not done or polished but im currently making characters and outfits. Tell me what you think!


Ooo seem interesting I would love to read it when it comes out !


Same here, would love to read it when it comes out!


It sounds promising! Would definitely read!

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Hehe reminds me of el from stranger things, vit sounds cool, id read it!


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