What do you guys think about this?


So, I’m reading this story where the MC has four potential love interests to choose from, and in the latest episode, you can choose which ones you want to go out with. Three of them are very charming, and one was a jerk when the MC first met him, but then later he apologized. Anyway, I chose that guy because I’m interested in seeing how their relationship develops and if he learns to be more empathetic upon leaving the sheltered bubble he grew up in. I just think that there’s more opportunity for character development with this guy than with the other three. So last night, I posted a screenshot of their date on my Instastory.

This morning, I saw an author that I follow (who also reads this story) post on her Instastory: “If you choose (that particular character) as a love interest, your mother is a %&/$.” Now, since this author doesn’t follow me, I don’t think she saw my Instastory post, but regardless, I was extremely disturbed by her comment and appalled that someone would make that kind of comment just because a reader chose the love interest that everyone loves to hate.
What does everyone think about this? Have you ever chosen an unpopular love interest in a story? Have you ever encountered comments such as this regarding a fictional character?


They are so stupid.


That is so rude I would have been like wth??


While that is messed up, do you think they could have been referencing that one vine where a student asks the teacher to clarify what he’d said prior to the camera being on, and then the teacher repeats himself, “Whoever threw that paper, your mom’s a h*e!”? Idk that’s the first thing that popped into my head. :thinking: If not, yikes lol


I have picked some unpopular love interests, and honestly it’s not okay for them to say that. You can’t give people choices and then criticize them for what they choose. It’s unfair and extremely disrespectful. I have myself experienced comments like this about characters I like. As disrespectful as what they said was, I encourage you to still like and enjoy the character. To try and not let them change it for you.


I don’t understand why they would give you the option to choose that love interest, if they were going to say that? They’d still have to write up a story line for choosing that one, so the joke’s on them really


I totally agree with @amberose , author or not it’s utterly not her business to judge who u chose in the story. First, it’s just a freaking story! Second, the purpose of Episode and for the author to give the option to pick ur own path is that ppl think and react differently!
Honestly, I think this is completely disrespectful.
I am sorry u had to face this but u don’t need to follow such negative ppl :slight_smile:


Is the story you’re talking about Instant Princess, by any chance?


Thanks to everyone for their insight and encouragement. However, it wasn’t the author of the story that made that comment; it was a reader (who also writes stories on Episode). The author of the story I’m reading actually liked my post and was glad that someone likes that character. :slight_smile: :wink:


Yes! I love that story, but I was just upset that someone who reads it made such a negative comment about the people who choose the LI that she doesn’t like.


I think it has to do with what Claude (I think that’s his name?) represents. He seems to represent white privilege, entitlement, etc. While technically the other love interest’s ethnicities aren’t as relevant, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that Claude is white, because, for now, it seems all there is to him is his whiteness (his arrogance, his commentary on salt, the bubble he lives in…), which is why it’s understandable that POC, that have to deal with people like him in real life, find him annoying. (I’m actually surprised the author was glad someone liked him, because I was under the impression the author only wrote him in because people would have complained there wasn’t a white love interest, and that’s why he made him so relatively unlikable.)

I mean… Don’t get me wrong, I would also choose Claude if I had to choose, because his path is the closest one to a slow burn there seems to be in this story, and bashing people who like other love interests, it doesn’t matter how White™ they are, is not okay… But, I don’t know, I guess it’s important to understand where it comes from.


Oops. Looks like we all misunderstood :roll_eyes:

I guess if it’s just another author/reader, they’re entitled to their own opinions. But would be better if they simply shared what they chose instead of calling out other options.


you should report the editor
she is not acting responsible and that is something that episode dosen’t allow
if you dont want anyone else to get hurt it’s probably best you report it