What Do You Guys Think of Fighting Irl?


Hey guys! So I have come up to talk about fighting. I think that fighting people to get a “point” across is so naive and so irrelevant. Like, why must you hurt them physically, just to show them that you are better? Like I understand that sometimes they hurt you and you have to defend yourself and it’s just to protect yourself, but when you are the person to start it , I think that makes you look so immature.
Or if you don’t like them that much and you want to show them that, just be mature and swallow the hate and tolerate them. Don’t be rude just because you don’t like them. Be respectful and tolerate your hate for them. They are people. Like the golden rule, treat people how you want to be treated. And I admit I am kind of a hypocrite about that buut… It’s not okay to use your hand to make some stupid point across. Like if you know you are better or you are right, just forget about them, Like c’mon people, just show them you are more mature and yeah, let them know you don’t like them but in a nice way. If you guys go at it a lot. Don’t say you will fight them. It’s only going to cause problems. If they start the fight, end it. People are capable of being mature and talking it out like civilized beings.
Let me know what you think about fighting people!
Please Note: I am not looking for bickering on this thread. Please keep the replies tamed and don’t hate on anyone here.


Lol you really did. make a thread.


My old fake best friend said they would take my sister down with her sister. So i punched her in the face. I think violence solves everything :wink:


It also depends on the situation as well. :grin:


True but I have fought many people :upside_down_face:


Honestly it depends the situation… I never throw for hits :joy: (Well Sometimes)


Yeah, I have too but I realized it’s not always the answer.


I think it is :blush: punch spots that hurt the most I have noticed are neck, face, and stomache.
Kicks anything below the waiste or face.
Motorcycle kick works good but leaves them with a very hurt foot :grin:


Honestly I don’t and do like to fight people.


I honestly like he way you think lmaoo😂


:joy::joy::joy::joy: violence gives me a fuzzy warm feeling


It either gets me into trouble or they leave me alone. Usually it’s both but… You know it can sometimes be one or the other.
I do know that it can make them leave you alone but then you’ll have to deal with parents and all of that. So that’s why I made the topic lmao.


My parents don’t know about my fights :rofl: (its called threaten right after you hurt them)


Lol, I do that.
at school though, no one snitches on me when i hurt someone because they know I won’t think twice about hitting them.




Oh my gosh, I am such a big hypocrite oh well, I am still right about it all though.


Eh I mean I’m iffy honestly if I wouldn’t get in trouble with my mom I’d fight this bitch in my school, but yeah I believe in the power of a good fight, but sometimes fighting isn’t the answer…sometimes to me.