What do you guys think of my first background?


I’ve never done this before, but it’s kind of fun. Should I make more? Or are they not worth my time. Btw you guys can use this if you want, but can you please credit me? I just really don’t want it to get stolen because I worked really hard on it. :heavy_heart_exclamation:






Thank you.


You should do some more if you want to so you wont get bored or anything lol. Your decision, this is amazing! Are you on instagram?


Yes, though I don’t have many posts. Episode.lk123


Doesn’t matter how many post you have, its your account lol. I have like…hm…2 or 3 but I kinda added more to it. Ill definitely follow u and credit you for your hard work.


Yeah, I’m about to add more.


mine is: @lanafrazer.episode