What do you guys think of my first outline?

Hi! I have made my very first outline and I want to know what you all think. I did make this in a bit of a rush so please don’t criticize it too badly when it was rushed. I want your absolute opinion. Thanks again and I hope you like it!:grin::grin:

My First Outline!!!


You got a good pulse, my first outline was pure trash. The lines were all curved and messy. Did you do it with your hands? Or you have a stylus/Apple pencil? If you used Ibis Paint X which pencil did you use? It looks awesome, I’ve seen people who have been doing this for sometime and they’re not quite good :grimacing:, I have to say this one impressed me.


Thank you. I did do this by hand because I actually don’t own a stylus right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one soon. Thanks again for your output and I’ll try to work on that.

Ok then I’m officially jealous I thought this was done with a stylus, for a first outline it looks better than average, great work!

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