What do you guys think of this?

So for my story ive been working on the overlays and had a thought…

because the plot is all revolved around being trapped in a twisted version of the MC’s favourite book, what if I made “pages” for the reader to collect…

E.g. have the choice to collect a page which when collected will tell you the backstory of whoevers page it is and that impacts your relationship with them/your chance of befriending them?

As an example above is the main character storms page, which will be the first and only free page that can be collected which tells the reader storms history and past as to why she is how she is…

and then the rest would take from the point system to collect other peoples pages which can be used to learn useful information that will help you befriend/recruit them…

This is princess Skyelin (skye)'s page, she is the only love interest and collecting it could either help the reader learn what impresses her, help make a story quaking discovery along with learn skyelins past.

should I use them or no?
(the points would be from delegation skills earned through being a rebellion leader etc)

Should I create pages for the reader to collect?
  • Yes!!!
  • No!!!

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Sounds cool! But I think it might be worthwhile to add a choice for readers to skip those insights upon collecting a card since some readers do not have the patience and/or would rather continue the story. (:

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Oh yes there would be a choice of course! :smiley:

It’d kind of be like page appears

Would you like to collect this page? Collecting pages unlocks backstories which hold valuable information inside!

yes = -3 points gain CHAR page
no = page goes away rip

Would you like to look at the pages and read an unlocked backstory?
No thanks!

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