What do you guys think? to less?

I just wanna know if you guys think that I should add some more blood ? because I think there isn’t enough

Don't look if you can't handle blood

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this is enough, u dont want to add too much blood.

it’s not for my episode story it’s just for me personaly

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and if you think it’s enough do you know what else to add so it’s less boring? @lanafrazer_episode

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judging by the look of it…hm…u can have MAYBE a border around it, the name “Charlie” can come down a bit and have a darker color to see the name.

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Wow! I love the nosebleed, that looks amazing. And the blood body - creative!

I don’t think you need more blood. However, I feel like the blood on the right doesn’t fit as well as the nosebleed and scratches do. It’s a bright shade of red and the character doesn’t react to it and the shirt looks so perfect, if you understand what I mean. Unless, that is what you’re going for.

I agree with lanafrazer, I think the text could stand out more either by giving it’s an outline/border, a shadow or making it a different colour.

Personally, I’d also give the characters shadows.

On the characters drifiting away, was the white intentional? (Drifting probably isn’t the right word to describe it.)

The placement of three characters - the female with the purple braids, the male with the pizza and the small female with the black dancer bun and floral dress. Were they intentionally place differently to the other characters? Eg, Different heights and sizes.

The blood body cuts of right at the bottom, before the edge of the picture. So I’d suggest enlarging that.


so ionly the text a outline/border? alright thx ! and yes those characters drifiting away was intentional because they are dead. and es everyone has a different height and sizes

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I meant the white behind them. Should we be able to see the white, or should it be transparent?

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mm I don’t know I though it was cool with the white maybe I can make it transparent :thinking:

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lmao honey :joy: I think there is enough

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