What do you guys think?


Hello my Episode Friends! It’s me, Turtle Cat here! Author of Save Me, Hero and the 5th Element! I’m also a cover artist and a splash maker! I’ve never done drawn art before and I tried it. I’d love to know what you guys think! Please don’t sugar coat it, I really want honest opinions! So tell me what you think.


I LOVE it!!!


I think it’s cute! But I feel like the head is kinda small for the body and her tee is lil weird lol…


Lol okay. I’ll try to work on that.


Thank you!


Really good job!


It looks fantastic!!


Thank you so much!


Well, if I am not aloud to sugar coat my thoughts then here goes…
I think the head is a little too small and her hair too big. They need to be moved up more on the body. The eyes need less space in between. And make sure to curve the lips on the right side because it looks too straight. Maybe make the hair poofier and wavier. Lastly, I think you should make so the shorts don’t look like they are suffocating her.


Thanks for your output over it! I’ll try to work on it.


so i think the eyes are to far apart and face too small. But you did a good job all in all!


Thanks. I’ll try to work in that. :grin: