What do you hate about writing a story?


I personally don’t like the fact that you need to make so many background characters.
I don’t like ERRORS,I mean I don’t like the fact that errors don’t correct automatically :frowning:


If you want I can make some, just send me the background. Or now exist THE EXTRAS CODE :wink: but I think is just for INK… :unamused:


Check @episode.advice and @episode.assemble on IG they have a lot of crowd script templates :slight_smile:


Yeah,I tried EXTRA codes but they don’t work in limelight.


I will definitely check them out.


You have to change the animations :slight_smile:


few views:)


You can actually just say something like “@RANDOMGIRL enters from left to screen center”, you can tell Episode to create a random character.


•That it takes forever to write a decent scene!
•Creating background characters and making sure they don’t look like a default character
• Animating overlays
•Creating outfits
•making choices that matter


I hate creating outfits. Mostly because some clothes don’t show up at all in different categories and I have to scroll like forever.


Omg! Yess,I hate creating outfits too becuse sometimes I need sonething black and I select black but there is still clothing in other colors -.-


What is the EXTRAs code?


I thinkk It was like that few months ago


@GiGi_is_Me and I also think It works only for INK stories.


But don’t we have that thing where you can have characters made with the randomized on the script for limelight too?


I can confirm, it’s still there.


One thing I’m hating right now, is that a lot of Limelight clothes aren’t filtred in the right way.


Getting my overlays to the perfect position, meaning it won’t be animated. That pisses me off! And the small amount of talking loop animations in Ink.


Oh yes, overlays! It’s also a bit annoying when they get rejected for some unknown reason. Last time I had to rewrite a full episode, because my overlays would have been an important part of the chapter, but they got rejected…


Overlays are a pain… in the ass