What do you know about New Zealand?


Hey, I am from New Zealand and want to make a story based there. However I do not know if many people have even heard of NZ. Let me know anything you know about NZ, if you would read a story based there and if you know what it is.
Do you know what NZ is?

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The hobbit’s holes are there. That’s pretty much it besides that it is an island and a place.

What’s the climate like? Is it tropical? Does it snow there?


Hey :wave:t3: I’ve always wanted to go there! I know many people from NZ. I’m Australian so we nearby-ish! :joy:


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Yeah so we are an island country. We are actually made of two islands. The north island and the south island (I know original). In the winter it typically is very cold usually snowing in some parts. In summer it can get to a maximum of around 30 degrees Celsius on average. It is not very tropical unless you go up north, to the bay of islands where it is usually 29 degrees Celsius on a summer day on the average minimum.




Yay! Fellow kiwis!


Well, I’ve been to New Zealand once, during the summer, and I remember I went to three places. One place was called Queenstown, I remember, and in the hotel the dining hall had a lot of steps with different levels and it was all made of wood, with a lot of bread. A lot of bread.
We stole four stacks in front of their faces and they didn’t care, I guess.
We fed it to the ducks outside next to the pond and on the pond. Then my Uncle ate the rest of it.
In another place, we stayed in a villa- the theme was white and blue, and it was modern and very big with an electric fireplace and five bedrooms with a huge living space and kitchen and three bathrooms. I remember a chaise lounge in the living room.
Then when we drove around in New Zealand, there was a lot of pasture and “greenery” the perfect epitome of countryside- I live in Hong Kong, so you never see this. The air was extremely fresh and the sky was blue with literally no clouds, and you could see all the mountains and it was a scene out of “Moana”. There was a lot of cows.
We were introduced to a metal plaque describing an extinct bird, but I forgot the name of it. We also saw a lot of kiwi birds around. In a local supermarket, we bought five jars of kiwi jam.
At one point we took a private jet ride and the view was amazing.
We went to a farm and we saw a sheep being sheared- and we saw a lot of sheep and the barn was red wood planks, as how you’d imagine it.
I remember New Zealand as one of the best vacations I ever had.
(Oh, and it was quite hot)


The bird you are probably thinking of is the moa :slight_smile:


Haha yes summer in New Zealand is awesome! The extinct bird I’m guessing was a Moa. Was it a big tall bird?


@Mouse.Episode @xXMagicalUnicornXx Yes! It was the moa! It was I think (reddish?) and tall, and I think the name sparks a memory.


Yeah I think that was it!


I searched it up. It is! Oh my god, you all know your birds well.


Haha only the native ones


We have so many native birds lol. Fun fact: keas will in fact eat your car.


Trueeeee hahahaha poor unsuspecting tourists


Oh… That’s nice to hear…
Jk, I love New Zealand, and I made a whole guide book when I came back (I was 7, I think) and I don’t know where it is now.
I flew to New Zealand from Auckland, and we had a delayed flight. It was my first short flight, so I was confused when there wasn’t any television and it was only an hour.


Oof. I think we were in a tractor and if we used a car it was probably borrowed. Thank god! Me being me I saw a pile of wood next to a tree next to the hotel and asked my cousins if we could build a treehouse.


Should I or should I not make a story based in NZ?