What do you like about a comedy story?


Well, that’s the question:) also I’m wondering, I’m making a comedy story, but would you expect it to be only light and funny, or is ok with you when you’re about to cry? In my opinion, you can’t avoid just a little drama in such kinds of stories, otherwise they would be too «flat”?


funny, sad, and drama. Mainly for me is the humor, funny things.


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That’s why I’m wondering. How can you say this story is a comedy? As for me, I just feel like it. But can someone say “how could that be a comedy, since here is a sad music, a sad moment, a charecter crying” etc. Why wouldn’t it be a drama then? I’m thinking about it a lot… but when I think, a typical drama includes a character dying and usually about a serious topic, while my story is about achieving your gols, basically life. I’m just thinking out loud, sorry :joy:


lol!!! Comedy is kinda well like making somone laugh, yeah. You CAN add drama yes, cause what makes it so funny is that you have drama. Sad part, well kinda not fit with comedy so, I take ‘sad’ back lol.


But if a charecter faces difficulties, it can be sad, but that’s life right? Couldn’t there be a sad scene, not overly dramatic of course, which will change the person, while lots of funny things happening, and if a story is kinda light? I’m saying this, cause I feel like my story is a kind of those you read when you’re facing troubles in life, and want to see a character facing something similar, to see how he goes through that, how he wins! Something comfortable, Cosy


yes its true. it can be a sad thing. So u can include:

Comedy, Drama, and Sad scenes.


I’ve currently written an comedy skit story called “Keeping up with the stars” it’s funny well in my POV! but I hope you could check it out!

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I expect a lot of humor, but also little to - occasional dramatic, sad scenes. But it’s up to you whether you’d like it full-on comedy, or incorporated with mixed elements.


I like how comedy stories make me laugh. I personally don’t read them too often, but I am trying to! There is a lot of romance stories in Episode and that would make the comedy stories very unique. :grin:


A good tip is to add comedy to some sad scenes. Say someone’s dog just died, it starts out sad, the middle is humour, then it’s back to sad. However, you cannot overdo it or there’ll be no substance to the story, and the humour can’t drag out.


That’s really a great advice, thank you so much!:heart_eyes:


no problem!