What do you like about Episode? - vol.2

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How did you discover Episode and what made you decide to download it?
I think that I saw the Episode on app store and thought that it seemed like an interesting concept. I’m not sure if the first story I played was the Demi Lovato one or Mean Girls…

What made you keep it on your phone/tablet?
I did not keep it at first because I’m not too into the romance stuff and I got bored. (I did not know how to find other stories than the ones on the first page at that time.)

What made you join the forum and what made you stay?
I joined the forum recently because I started to write my own story. When I searched for directing tips I almost always came to a thread here. I also started to read other type of posts and after a few days I thought that I might as well join. (I haven’t been here for long, but as long as I’m enjoying Episode I will stay.)

When did you decide to start writing your own story on Episode (if you have)?
I like to write and have always been writing stories, so writing an Episode story was really appealing to me. I first tried to write a story for some years ago when I was maybe 15(?) but I got stuck with the directing and stopped. Now I’m about to turn 20, I rediscovered Episode and wanted to try it again. I know some programming now (which is really helpful) and I’m a bit more patient. I also want to write something that is not pure romance since Episode is really cool and I want more people to discover it! :blush:

What do you like most about being an author on Episode (if you are)?
I don’t know if I’m an “Episode author” yet. However, I like that there is a community. If you get stuck you can ask for help, read someone else’s story think about something different for a while. I love that it is visual and that you can write choices. I also like artsy stuff like drawing and it’s just a great combination. Some people’s backgrounds and overlays are just amazing (I have a lot to work on).

What are, in your opinion, the best parts about being part of the Episode community?
I’m not sure. I mostly just enjoy to read other’s posts and see what interesting discussions there are. :nerd_face:

Any kind words for the Episode team?
The Episode team are doing a great job. I understand that the new guidelines takes a lot of time and I can clearly see that Episode is always improving. Because I was gone for some years I noticed that it had changed a lot. Now I’m writing in LL but last time I remember that LL was pretty new and didn’t have a lot of customization and clothes etc. so I just went with INK. I don’t remember forum being a thing either?

Any shout-outs to give? Mention a story, an author, a friend on the forum, a member of the Episode team, a forum topic you often spend time in, anything or anyone related to Episode.
Oh, I haven’t been here for very long… Maybe everyone who helped me by replying to my very first topic? @Writer_SA @LiaMina @girlgame90 @Janus_Doe @Annieways @Ghosty @episode.jameswatts @k-lee @inkkee (Is this a good reason to tag people? :see_no_evil::blush:) And I also read the story Revenant which was really cool! New Story: Revenant by @serenaonepisode

  • How did you discover Episode and what made you decide to download it?
    I saw an advertising on Facebook and I got a bit curious. So I deceided to try it out.

  • What made you keep it on your phone/tablet?
    To be honest… I was a bit skeptical in the beginning. I assumed that it was more suitable for “younger” people. But I actually liked it and got addicted. I’m a very busy lawyer and Episode is my escape from the real world.

  • What made you join the forum and what made you stay?
    I joined the forum a few days ago because I needed help finding 2 stories (Still haven’t found them so I could still use some help).

  • When did you decide to start writing your own story on Episode (if you have)?
    I don’t have my own story. But maybe I will write one in future. I have a few ideas.

  • What do you like most about being an author on Episode (if you are)

  • What are, in your opinion, the best parts about being part of the Episode community?
    Things like this :slight_smile: And helping each other out…

  • Any kind words for the Episode team?
    Thank you and keep up the good work! I know you all work very hard and I appreciate it!

  • Any shout-outs to give? Mention a story, an author, a friend on the forum, a member of the Episode team, a forum topic you often spend time in, anything or anyone related to Episode.
    At first, thank you for taking the time to read my contribution to this topic. English isn’t my first language so I hope there are not too many mistakes.
    I really enjoy being part of this community. So a big thank you to you all for being so nice!



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It’s been a while, but I’ve always liked interactive fiction and bought a lot of secondhand choose your own adventure books when I was younger. I honestly can’t remember how I found Episode. Probably just stumbled upon it honestly.

It’s unique! Especially back in the Classic days when nobody else on the app store was really hosting interactive fiction or had writing portals.

I joined forums relatively early on, but didn’t use it at all until much later when I became more serious about wanting to write and publish a story. Even then, I wouldn’t use it often. Now I’m more of a regular since I made friends to talk with. :hugs:

A few years ago lol. Nothing came out of it until much later.

It’s really special to have a visual writing platform with a built-in audience (unlike standalone visual novels where they have to learn the code and share in various places to get read at all). I don’t like everything about the app and company, but I think we forget sometimes how unique it is having a free portal to work on and get weekly(!) asset updates for.

Again, built-in audience. But what I like best is seeing nice people who have genuine passion and love for their stories. It’s strangely encouraging in a way.

Thank you for the app! :iphone:

All hail @amberose, queen of forums. :joy: But really, Amber is a very kind individual and has spent time supporting my writing progress and even showing me some tricks I didn’t know when it comes to coding.


Awww you gonna make me cry now :sob: :revolving_hearts:


I honestly can’t remember. :flushed:

For a while it was because I was reading Dripping Mascara. :sweat_smile::joy:

It was when I decided to start trying to get back into Episode. I really didn’t feel as if I belonged when I first “arrived” but now I don’t feel so much that way anymore. :sweat_smile:

Well, I’m going to start with my AW contest entry that I’ve since archived. That was in July. My dad passed away a week or two before that and I was in a really dark place. For some reason I got this urge to see if there were any contests. While I don’t work on that story anymore that was the jumping off point to really getting invested in the community more because it was nice to have the distraction. And that’s enough of that rambling. :sweat_smile:

I think getting feedback on my work has been the best. I struggle a lot with confidence in myself so having people tell me such sweet things is really encouraging because otherwise I’d just be a negative lump thinking everything I wrote was trash.

I love the discussions we all have, as well as how supportive so many people are of others.

Thank you for creating such an innovative app! As someone who enjoys both visuals and storytelling this app has been so much fun!

@Zey for keeping me sane and letting me rant. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::heart_eyes: She’s honestly been so great at being a friend to me even though I’m a mess 90% of the time.
@AnaEpisode1 for being so kind and sweet. She checks on me a lot and makes sure I’m okay which means so much! :heart: She’s also incredibly talented and doesn’t get a tenth of the credit she deserves.

@episodes_bylex for not forgetting about me when she became famous (jk :joy::heart:). No, but she was one of the first people I did r4rs with for PA and one of the first people who made me feel as if my story wasn’t completely terrible. :blush::heart:

@IAmEms for becoming my friend so quickly through the course of K&T stressing. She’s so insanely talented and she deserves way more credit as an author than she gets. :heart::heart_eyes:

Also all these ladies are such talented and wonderful authors and it amazes me that they even want to have conversations with me. :pleading_face::heart:


I’m really sorry about your dad, but I’m happy to hear that Episode was a good distraction. I know there’s drama sometimes here and there, but I still like to think it gives positive vibes overall

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Thank you, Annie! And I agree! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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B :sob::sob: We love you and I’m really grateful to have found a friend like you :two_hearts:


Aw, you made me tear up! :cry:
I feel really lucky to have met you! You’re amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Always here for you! :hugs:



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I don’t really know. I have been reading on and off for like 4 years, but didn’t really keep track of any stories in particular or get involved in the community aspect until a few months ago.

Nothing in particular, initially. I had read some stories I really liked maybe 9 months ago. So I would just keep it and check in periodically to see if they were updated. But I decided to make an IG account to keep up with stories and authors and getting involved in the community made me much more invested in the app and the people who use it.

LOL to be honest, I had browsed the forums a few times before, but mostly was like “yeah, I dunno what’s going on here.” But a few of the people I follow on instagram and who I really respect had things in their stories about discussions on the forums. and I am, uh…nosy. So I checked it out and made an account about 2 months ago and now you can’t get rid of me.

Yeah, so. I haven’t published anything. But I’ve been working on my main story for a solid like 7 months or so. Before I even joined IG. It’s a really long process for me because my ability to focus comes and goes. So if I decide to publish anything, I really want to have the majority of the work done on it before I do. I’ve come up with a few other ideas in the mean time and have done some work on them to take a break from my main project.

I’m not sure how much this applies to me yet. But it’s been kind of fun to turn ideas from just written words into a visual medium. I do find coding kind of tedious, but I like the results. And if I work at a snail pace, I tend to feel fine about how much time and energy it can take.

By far the insightful and friendly discussions I have - both here on the forums and on IG. Sometimes it’s about larger trends in the community and sometimes it’s kind of gushing about stories and being able to talk about a shared experience of enjoyment. I find myself feeling really fortunate to have been able to connect with people who share the same values as I do and to be able to bounce ideas and insights around with.

I admire your ability to be able to read and review so many stories lol. I wouldn’t have the stomach for it.

I mean, I’m not gonna tag anyone. But if we’ve had a meaningful discussion, then just know I really appreciate it. There are a few stories that I have a lot of emotional investment in and having been able to read them is truly a privilege. I am grateful for the people who choose to spend their time in some of the more difficult topics here for the sake of trying to bring issues to light and offer alternative ways of creating narratives about those issues. And anyone who has been willing to have an open discussion about some of these topics, even if they’re starting out with quite a different opinion that the ones I hold.