What do you like about yourself?


What do you like about yourself? I struggle with self confidence and stuff, so I thought this might help some people. When Im not putting myself down I feel good about myself which is rare. And Im slowly starting to love myself more and to be more confidence.

Me: I like how I can tan easily


I like how I love poetry so much :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love how I can make jokes only I get.


I like how I’m so crazy and happily do weird stuff just because and how interesting I am honestly.


I like how I am just simply me.




I love how friendly I am. And my perspectives on the world.


At this point I like about myself that I finally really take care of myself in the way of putting myself first. I like that I can remind myself that when people don’t respond to my pm’s for that that does not mean that they don’t care about me… I like about myself that I am mentally stronger than I used to be, like that I can resist doing anything negative when I am down. I like about myself that I am starting to like myself, in both looks and personality. I like about myself that I slowly start to trust people when they say I am pretty. In looks I really like my hair and eyes, I really think my eyes are beautiful, depending on the weather they can be really light blue, green, darker blue or anything in between or combined.


I take pride in my ideals, I am always honest and try to be fair, give my best and work on my flaws.


I like my lips.


Your profile picture is gold!


hehhee… cardddi.


insert her laugh here




What was the reason?!?!


i like how im able to survive all the pain that ive went through before and still smiling today. things that i never thought i could do but now realizing that i already did it.


my lips


My self respect and confidence



The Latina side kicked in!