What do you like about yourself?


The Chancla!!


Okay i love myself a lot so this is gonna be a long list.

I like how i can talk to someone so easily and be upfront about it.

I like how I am not insecure of anything anymore.

I like how i can give my opinion on something without caring waht the others think of me. (Okay maybe i do care about that but only when that someone is someone i like)

I like how I am always confident while performing and everything.

I like how I know what I want and i am not afraid in chasing it.

I like how i can be funny when i need to be.

I like how i have made amazing friends who would stand up for me.

I like how i have brown eyes because i love them.

I like how i look and i would never want to change anything about it.

I like how i dont depend on someone and how i have been through hell and still made it through.

I like how I am not afraid to admit my mistakes.

I like how i am this weird and stupid and crazy person and I personally like how I can be a bitch when i need to be.

I like how i cant stop writing right now because i love everything about myself but still I am going to stop lmao.


Oh no not the Chancla, lmao :joy:




La Chancla


Hoodrat? Nah.


"Huh?" “What was the reason?” “What was the reason?” "WHAT WAS THE REASON!!?"


throws shoe


I kinda like my idiotic behaviour. It’s not a good thing to like because I have been known to injure people :joy:


I like how I always have the fetish of criticizing myself and everything and everyone else in life. I guess it helps me be in a correct path…?


I like my natural hair.


I like everything about myself :nerd_face:

#selflove :sparkling_heart:


My good dancing talent, love for animals, confidence, public speaking abilities, love for leadership, colour changing eyes


I like how I’m not ashamed to dress modestly…doesn’t mean I’m not confident. I just realize I don’t have to show tons of skin to be sexy. :black_heart:


What do I like about myself? That I’m learning to love myself. <3


I like how I’ve been not outgoing


I like a lot about myself, but the thing I like most is, that I don’t care what other people think about me. If they like me or not. I like myself the way I am and if other people don’t like me, they don’t have to be with me.


Me too bud. Me too.


I like that I am very kind to others. even to the old lady who hates everyone…shout out to Kat! From the Qway!!!