What do you like and dislike about art scenes?

I got constructive criticism about my art scenes in my story because I made the characters look like the style ink.
Their point was that it should look more realistic.

This has never been something that I’m overly concerned about.
So I would love to hear your opinions on the subjekt.

Is it better to make your art scenes be more realistic?

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I personally prefer realistic ones because the whole story has the same characters and it feels good to see some realistic scenes every now and then.
On the other hand, having character complementing art scenes makes it more connected to the story.
At the end of the day, people have different preferences, and you can’t make everyone happy. So just do what makes u happy.


Yea, I personally prefer to draw realistically. But my art scenes for the first 3 episodes were for the AW: contest so I didn’t have time to put that much effort into it.

I don’t think the art was bad, just that it could have been better :sweat_smile:

The person who told me this reviewed my story, and that was her only “negative” or constructive criticism. So, at least my story doesn’t suck? :joy:

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Hey, It’s criticism, what can we do now XD

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first make the art scenes you want its your story

second I only like artscenes if its the author themself who made them.

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I’m having art done for my upcoming stories

However I cannot draw for at all, even a stick man is rubbish

I’m better asking someone to help me out with artwork via requests or if they are able to do it for free as I cannot pay as much as I’d want to


I just thought it was a weird comment…
I mean, I prefer to draw “realistic”, because it’s more fun. But art wise, I wouldn’t personally care about whether it’s a ink or limelight art scene. :laughing:


I’ve seen great cartoon style art scenes :stuck_out_tongue:

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