What do you like, and dislike about episode stories?

Should I make 3 customizations into a single chapter?

  • YES
  • NO

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If u can, plz tell me what you like/ dislike about stories! (It won’t have abuse, pregnancy, gangs, or rape so that s a lot XD)

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Id aay no only because I feel if we are allowed to customise too much it kind of takes away some aspects to the story. Obviously if you’re having a scene where you need to disguise yourself then maybe use a limited customisation suxh as being able to change hair and lipstick?

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to change your character later on in the story though

Just my opinion

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I just meant like yourself, then your parents… but is that too much?

Ohh I see :thinking: in that case I don’t see why not :slight_smile: Maybe add an option for people to either customise the parents or skip it and go to the story

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But you can do the parents to look like the character in coding


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aawww I have to type it all!? internal screaming and crying I will make her adopted!! I don’t wanna do this ish!!!

Bahahha or you can just add the customization as you said which is btw much easier :heart::heart:

I ma only putting them in a few chapters sssooo like I won’t go through all dat toutoure!!

I dislike shy new girl falling in love with the bad boy


I can’t say I hate stories with a stereotypical base-case scenario, but then the plot and/or the characters must be something. I like uniqueness, twists (not the “I got pregnant”-kind of twists), slowly revealed secrets, cliffhangers (they kill me, though :,D). And I’d rather vote for less but meaningful choices than a lot of unnecessary choices and customizations.


I agree. Especially when that kind of twist is revealed in a really obvious way, like the MC starts vomiting all over the place and everyone’s freaking out, going ‘omg omg she’s pregnant’. In Episode, vomiting a lot usually means you’re pregnant. Sick? Ha! Not in Episode.

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And they start to vomit a few days after the sexual intercourse. :joy: That’s my favorite part.

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