What Do You Like/Dislike About Your Country?

I am looking at these just to choose where to live at this point.


My country is Australia.
I actually have different experiences as I lived in the country (tropics) and cities experiences are very different and the cities suck.

Likes in the Tropics
-weather in winter perfect
-the people I never ever come across the nicest people I’ve ever met.

  • The beaches were stunning lived off the Great Barrier Reef loves the palm trees giving shade.
    -felt safe walked around at night after going out everyone was friendly and knew everyone
    -activities in the area are affordable
    -celebrations of different cultures
  • fresh fruit omg it was so yum
    -family friendly community based.
    -generally healthy life style.
    -no traffic
  • perfect weather half the time :joy:

Hated in the tropics
-wet season/cyclone season
-cane toads
-bugs are huge.

  • double checking the toilet to make sure a snake not on it or a a frog.

City living.

  • more variety of stores
  • being metro faster deliveries
    -more variety of restaurants
  • better health care (both are good but just some things had to go in the city for)


  • racism I never noticed how bad racism is until I returned from northern qld quite sicking.
  • violence against women (me myself I was doing a 2 min walk from work to the train station twice I had someone try to abduct me after that I drove to work) what’s scary is one of the ones that tried to abduct me killed a women not long after.
  • politics the whole country it’s pathetic but it’s hardcore in the city.
  • the beach no shade so burn badly and the beaches are really shit compared to north Australia.
  • nastiest people I’ve ever come across ever I was shoved over had a trolley rammed into me when I was heavily pregnant.
    -the weather is shit ( all seasons in one day)
    -flies bloody annoying.
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Here Are Some Reasons More I Like/Dislike My Country:
All The Different Cultures
Famous Food Places
Famous Tv Shows
Famous Movies
Famous People
Has The Largest Air Power In The World
Has 2nd The Largest Air Power In The World
Created Baseball
Grand Canyon
Made Nike
Can Take partial Credit For Creating Basketball Shout Out To All the Canadians Since An American-Canadian Man Made Basketball.
Tech Innovations That Contributed To The World
The People Fighting For Americans (My Dad Was A Soldier!)
Been Declared Worlds Most Powerful Country.
American Football
LGBTQ Friendly!

Close Minded People Are Really The Only Thing That Makes Me Really Dislike America! (As in racists, homophobes, etc)

oh shii, IMMA DO MY PLACE. We tolkin England luv :greentea:

kebab shops
Every bodies right to free education
Free healthcare
encompassing of different cultures
Women here are hot
The fact that we are better than America (especially the police, they’re not great but it feels much safer here)
The queen - a literal icon-

Boris :face_vomiting:
Big Capitalism
Maggy thatch making it legal to overwork ppl
The rich not being eaten
Old people
Babies. i swear they are everywhere.
The taxes stILL ON FRIGGEN SANITARY PRODUCTS FOR WOMEN. having a plug for some blood isn’t a luxury item, it is a necessity. I am okay with paying for the product but this is not jsut for ‘comfort’.
men :nail_care: :crazy_face: