What do you like/hate in a mafia story?

Hmm…if the love interest is in a mafia, you can make it seem like he regrets to be a part of such organization and wants to get away from it or something like that. Just a suggestion if you don’t want to glorify mafia in your story :))


omg its perfect thanks!


Just what I dislike about cliche mafia stories:

  • LI is mostly overly handsome (while in real life mafia leaders aren’t handsome at all → they are mostly old ugly guys.);
  • MC is mostly an innocent girl that ‘tries’ to change the attitude of the LI. Come on… If a murder is committed by the LI, you can’t erase time or change it back. :woman_shrugging:t2:;
  • Even LI thinks he is changed, because ‘she is so innocent and not like other girls’. :roll_eyes: ;
  • The LI mostly saves MC, after she get drunk in an unknown bar and in a dark alley by a creep that can’t take his hands of MC. He gets her to his home, because he doesn’t know her address. They immediately fall in love with each other (they don’t wanna learn to know each other, before falling in love?? :woman_shrugging:t2:);
  • MC sees LI killing numerous people, but what the heck it’s just normal business, why not??? MC doesn’t complain and is still in love with LI. :woman_facepalming:t2: (If my bf was a murderer, I ran away the first time I saw him killing someone. :raised_hands:t2: )

Sorry, I wrote this with a smile and laugh and lots of sarcasm, but this is what irritates me about the normal cliche mafia stories. Please, try to be unique. :wink:

Love A-W


Hahahhah thamks that was neccesary!

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I don’t like them and don’t read them… too cliche, I’ve tried them in the past, they all seem to follow exact same formats…I have no interest in violent guys, no matter how hot we are meant to believe they are :joy: give me a fantasy story anyday over mafia

  1. The fact that it’s even a mafia story, lol.

People write mafia stories not even knowing or understand what is means or feels to actually be part of or associated with a mafia. These authors are really writing 20-something year old mafia leaders. Extremely unrealistic. Realistic would be that he’s the son of a mafia boss. Even then, none of these writers don’t know anything about mafia life to accurately write about it.


I am CACKLING!!! Why do these authors all write the same plot???
But you forgot a step: He doesn’t know her address, ends up letting her stay the night, and then he acts like he won’t ever do that again or acts like he hates her/doesn’t like her, then slowly starts to fall in love somehow. Maybe bc he watched her make breakfast the next morning?


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I hate that people make their LIs out to be the big boss of the mafia at like 20. Mafias are run like families and the oldest in a family runs things until they hand it over – usually when they’re unable to do their “job” and they pass it to the next oldest person who has been around and been there to learn and know how to do the job – otherwise, the ‘mafia’ would fall apart.
So maybe make your LI the son of a mafia boss that runs his life along with the mafia and wants him to learn the business. OR plot twist, it’s a member of the guard whose actually a undercover cop whose job it is to take down the boss.

I agree with other people that the romanticizing of mafias is super wrong, and kind of offensive to people in the real world that live in areas controlled by actual mafias.

Anyone who lives in a mafia controlled area can tell you that these people are more often than not ruthless ‘business men’ who use any means to get what they want - even going as far as murdering people. NOTHING about that should be romanticized.

Out of the very few that I’ve read, I do like when authors show different sides to their characters – going with this I don’t like when authors show their MCs as timid or shy who meet the LI then bam immediately bada$$ Mafia chick who has no problem speaking her mind and killing people. Unrealistic and annoying. There’s a different between slow progression of change in a person and the way a lot of authors go about writing mafia story MCs. If she’s shy — let her be shy for a bit longer than " this is Shy Suzy, she meets Ricardo and now she’s a bad b!tch".


Personally, I don’t hate Mafia Stories. But all the plots are almost the same.
Things In stories that avoid me to reading-

  • The LI sleeps around and acts like an a***hole with everyone. (Including the girls he sleeps with)
    I mean…come on, if you want to make him a bad boy, do it…but stop making him characterless because of some sh*tty past.

  • There is always a girl obsessed with him and will do anything to make the MC out of LI’s life and sometimes even tries to kill her! (Myb you can add a girl who is heartbroken…or something)

  • The Mc is innocent but, when she meets the LI she comes bada**. (Like u know…avoiding the LI and all…but the LI won’t stop following her)

  • When both characters meet, they fall in love immediately without getting to know each other. And the description of them is huge! (Love at the first sight stories)

    I mean…they might feel attracted to each other …but love is on another level

Hope it helped! Good luck with your story, hun :heart:


Righttt and with the crazy girl obsessed with the LI the LI rarely doesn’t do anything about her. If he was a true mafia boss and she was bothering her he would probably just shoot her :woman_shrugging:


This always makes me wonder – why wouldn’t the MC get a restraining order on the creepy douchebag following them around? Or a can of mace? And agree 1000% when people make the MC shy and innocent then BAM Ivanna Kickass pops out of her. :joy:


That’s so true thank u for sharing!

True, it’s unrealistic

Hahahha I agree there needs to be a longer changing time

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Yeah, I hate those kinds of stories too they need to be realistic or at least near

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It’s the fact that if people were to ACTUALLY portray the mafia, they would be breaking every guideline that Episode has for me.

Friendly reminder that abuse ain’t cute. It’s sad also, that these stories glorify real people’s traumas.

My real advice? Make it original. Let the mafia be the enemy in your story. Don’t let them be where our MC finds his/her love interest. Flip the idea on it’s head and have a badass MC infiltrate them and shut them down from the inside. Make the cop they are working with the mysterious love interest or something. Just something different.


I totally understand your point but im not gonna make them the enemy however something unexpected will happen

I personally love mafia stories i’m writing one currently.
I think people forget that they are just stories there not meant to be realistic. When you’re a writer you have the power to write what you like and often that means it isn’t all that realistic and a writer shouldn’t feel like they have to change something or write a story that’s realistic. That’s not what writing is about

anyway going back to the question
I don’t like the ‘innocent naive girl and mafia LI’
purely because I prefer strong female characters


I understand the point you are trying to make, however you can’t take something despicable that causes trauma to people daily and slap a hot love interest on it and call it fiction. The mafia is real, and shouldn’t be used as a “sexy” plot device. I will die on this hill haha.

I mean, you just have to know names like Giuseppe di Matteo (MASSIVE TRIGGER WARNING - GRUESOME MURDER) to get a glimpse of what I’m trying to say.

Anyway, please don’t take this as an attack on you or your character. I’m just trying to spread some awareness.