What do you like in a story or dislike in a story?

hii there, i am working on a story and i just wanted to know what you like or
dislike in a story. :kissing_heart:


This might be able to help you with some things. A lot of people took their time to fill everything out.


Long author intros
They are boring and unnecessary, and will make most readers leave the story. In my opinion, short intros are better and less boring.

Bad grammar
Using u, ur or plz, or shortcuts like np just goes to show that the author is being lazy and putting no effort into the story.

Short chapters

Short chapter’s that are less than 5 minutes long are waste of passes! A chapter length should at least 10-15 minutes long.

If I think of anymore, I edit my reply.

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thank you for replying and i absolutely agree with you

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Thank you.

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