What do you like in a story? What do you dislike?

Just curious…


I can’t stand the bad boys and wearing all the black and the girl mc is the onlyyyy person who can change his ways. It’s super annoying :upside_down_face:



Pregnancy stories.


Fight scenes.

*I have many more but for now, I’ll list two major ones ^^


Dislike: Pregnancy stories
Like: Advance Directing


I don’t like pregnancy stories.
the ones that make a baby the answer to their FAILED relationship.
like sis? we get it, it’s a story but it ain’t real life.
I also hate stories that make the mc (girls) dependent on the guys.
and the ones who make the mc’s “stronger” after a traumatic experience.
I also hate the stories that promote verbal abuse, like SIS.
lol… the list goes on
I like a good storyline. a girl in season 1 doesn’t know what she wants to do in life, season two that girl shows growth. something like that.



I cannot stand pregnancy stories, they’re way too many on Episode.

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OMG AGREED! Like come on not all us ladies are damsels in distress! Most of these stories don’t show much growth in characters.


Agreed, pregnancy stories just annoy me.
And advanced directing just shows the thought and care that is put into these stories, it honestly amazes me how writers can do it. It’s so tricky, yet worth it in the end.


I think pregnancies are good for a story If the couple is in a good relationship for example married. But I don’t like when they somehow get pregnant.

I would love to see more guys boosting girls in what they wear. Because a lot of guys don’t like the way women dress and it would be nice if they supported the outfit choices.


What I like in a story:

  • Anything under the genres horror, thriller, mystery and comedy

What do I dislike:

  • Any story that involves pregnancy, bad boys, rebounds, friends with benefits, romanticizing psychopaths & serial killers, Mean Girl attitude

My thoughts exactly.

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Dislikes: Cliches and generic/unoriginal plots, basic directing
Likes: Unique, diverse, and original stories/concepts, advances/average directing, good use of overlays


Omg agreed! We can wear whatever we want and no one should be able to tell us otherwise!

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YESSSS I agree 100%! Finding good mystery/ thrillers are so hard nowadays especially since that who genre is just full of mafia/gang stories.

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Agreed! Kind of sad how original stories don’t make it as far as the normal badboys, werewolves, pregnancies etc. stories.

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Tell me about it! I am sick of seeing these generic storylines that are based on the things we don’t want to read about.
I’m all cool with how the MC gets bullied and seeks revenge, my favourite kind of story.

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Any cliche that’s poorly written and done in a terrible way.
This includes your basic:

  • “Pregnant after a day of the Bad Boy taking my virginity”
  • “Mary Sue MC becomes popular overnight & changes Bad Boys antics”
  • “Bad Boy Gang Leader”
  • “Vampire & werewolf boys”

I can go on & on about how much these themes irritate me if not written well, but I’d rather save my breath…and my stress levels.

What I like:

  • Well written
  • Decent/advanced directing
  • Incredible character development
  • Intriguing story line