What do you like or dislike?

Hi everyone!
So I just wanted to know what you guys like or dislike about stories (plot, cover, choices,etc…)
I know there are many new writers, that’s why I would like you guys to comment your opinion so others know how to entertain readers.

  • I love stories with an art scene as a story’cover and I dislike stories’ cover that are regular, meaning a character and background screenshotted and the title added.
  • I love many types of plot like hate turn to love, plot twist and I hate when the story is the same as many others, like the bad boy (If you wan to write a story about a bad boy at least make it unique and not like the other ones)
    *I don’t really care if choices affect the story but at least choices that gives me/readers extra scenes, I don’t like regular choices, what do you want to eat, wear, do, etc… ( If you want to do those choice at least put some meaning in it like one of those dresses will get you an extra scenes or points; etc…)
    That’s things that I like and dislike in stories
    And what are yours? :blush:

I’d say that the most disliked thing (in my opinion) that a story has, is it characters developments. If the characters from chapter 1 to the end (or at least a lot of episodes later) don’t develop, like a changed view or new experiences etc, it isn’t enjoyable (or realistic, if they are the exact same when a year or more has passed in the story). Its good to have a good plot, but make sure every scene changes or adds SOMETHING to the story or to a character’s development. If the scene doesn’t add anything, like a character’s personality, I (personally) don’t want to see it.


I like stories that have MAJOR plot twists!


Me too :joy: the story is like"you thought :smirk:"

I dislike when the author gives you choices, but the character still does whatever they want.


True :no_mouth:

(i will be editing this post)

I Like:

story intros
nice, simple choices.
art scenes
happy endings
funny scenes
cool overlays
nice backgrounds

Gem choices
locked choices
sad endings
glitches (but its funny when itt glitches)

you don’t like sad endings? like when the main character dies :thinking:

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yeah, its so emotionallllllllllllllll :sob:

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:joy: :joy:


p.s. i still like it though…

Me too, I like having that feeling inside when something sad happen :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I like action stories, with simple choices, art scenes and happy ending (I know it may sound a little childish, but I would rather happy ending thab sad one).
What I dislike in stories that when authors give you a costumization choice, and after costumizing a character or two, it does not save it at all. Same here about clothing choices. (I do not know what about you, but it happened to me). In addition, obivously I dislike gem choices (especially when I do not have enough gems).
So, besides this, I quite like the stories.

P.S: There are more genres that I like besides action.

Art scenes are one of the best things in episode stories :heart_eyes:

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True. But it is a bummer that not all the stories have art scenes.

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@Stella2003, may I ask you: have you written a story?

Yes and deleted it :joy: I’m too lazy :sleepy:

So, you do not have any stories that you have written?

Well I wanted to start editing the story I deleted but I don’t find any motivation… you do have stories?

I am writing my first story, but I have not published it yet. If it is possible, then I will publish it soon (I hope).