What do you like to see in a story?

It could be anything in general: character, plot, choices etc…

I think the answers will be helpful for anyone looking for tips so I can’t wait to read your answers :two_hearts:

  • Character Development ~ I love seeing my character changing it just doesn’t have to be positive, it can also be negative
  • Choices That Matter ~ I like to see what I choose for a choice, affect something because then I just feel like "What was that for? But I’m weird.
  • Amazing Grammar ~ Everybody makes grammar mistakes, no big deal. Just try to make your grammar neat as possible
  • Engaging Scenes ~ I like to be engaged in a story, that way I’m all like "THIS STORY IS THE BOMB!!! I NEED MORE!!!
  • Good Episode Ender, to make me come back for more. ~ I love a good cliffhanger, it keeps me on the edge of my seat wanting more.
  • Not a lot of author notes ~ Author notes really annoy me, use them when needed
  • Have an option to customize our character after we know them, {Personal} ~ *Maybe it’s just me, but if I have a best friend in the plot, and she is a backstabber I don’t wanna make her look like a supermodel *
  • Good Plot ~ Everyone needs a good plot to write a GOOD story, that is a must
  • Good Directing ~ Basic directing is well…basic. It wouldn’t want me leaving for more.
  • Emotion ~ I like to feel something when really reading a story, that way your story is coming to life.

I hope this helped, I hope you got the idea.


Thank you, it definitely helps!

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for me mos important is good writing skill …all the rest is pointles if the writing itself is boring or confusing.

what do I consider good writing? An interesting 3D character which does develop in the story simply characters which do feel real.

The same goes for dialogues - nice flowing dialogues which make you feel real and make you go deep in the story.

The writing itself…this is hard to explain but writing like.

I went home. mom was not there. I was looking up for my brother. Brother was not in his room……this is boring, not entertaining plain kind of writing it gives some general info but - is MC happy thay are not home or scared? no idea…boring like hell is the only feeling I get from this. :smiley:

When I entered the house there was an awkward silence. Normally in this time, I would hear mom in the kitchen and my little brother making some annoying sounds with his new firefighter’s car toy. But not this time. Weird…thay are not at home?

This makes some kind of feeling.MC is a bit worried and the reader already starts to wonder what has happened to mom and brother…

So for me, this is the essential parts…all the rest like good directing or grammar is a great bonus but it will never compensate if the writing is not good.


The “have an option to customize eventually” is such a must for me. Usually for LI’s I tend to make hotter the douchey one and I regret it so much.
I agree so much with your points though.

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thanks for the answers. I agree with you dialogue is an important part of the story, so it has to be well-written

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