What do you like to see in stories?

So I have a story trapped, these 2 lovers that meet and she’s been held captive. He saves her (cliche? Probably) :joy: but there’s a lot of drama in it too, I can’t do overlays but I was wondering what would you guys like to see in stories? I want to try and touch the readers but entertain them more ? If that makes any sense​:black_heart:

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I like seeing, kissing scenes. Well I mean I don’t know what I’d see in a story.

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It would be interesting if the girl saved the guy instead :thinking::blue_heart:
Like, he’s in major trouble and she comes to his rescue :smile::purple_heart:


I like seeing tall girl/shorter guy relationships because for some reason people think only the tall guy/short girl relationship dynamic exists in the world :roll_eyes: