What do you look in an action story?

Hey guys, so I love action stories and I’m wondering what do people who love action stories like me look for in one? :slight_smile: :3


the lag of mafia

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A motion picture whose storyline involves fast-paced activity and conflict, usually including such elements as a heroic protagonist, violent fights, acrobatic stunts, chase scenes, and gunplay.

  • Cool / iconic locations, especially for fight scenes
  • Snappy, witty dialogue is the perfect accompaniment to action
  • Characters improvising weapons during fight scenes
  • Give us danger. Give us excitement. Give us what we least expect.
  • Episode is pretty much one-dimensional in the way that characters move around. They go left or right, rarely up/down or forwards/backwards. Anything you can do to disturb this is good. Characters climbing out of a window and down a drainpipe, or climbing trees/ladders/stairs. Walls, counters and desks can be stood or sat on. Walking behind bushes or streetlights adds depth.
  • Pet peeve: impractical clothing. Female characters running in heels is dumb and we all know it.

i especially agree with your 3rd point and your last point :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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  • Action
  • Acción
  • Aktion
  • Las action




Jokes aside, I’m tired of seeing romance stories in action!

Unless you have at least 10 fight scenes in your overall 30 episodes, do not put it in action! (Fight scenes don’t have to be punching, it can be standoff too!)


Lots of fight scenes.


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