What do you look (or not look) for in a Teacher?


Hey, Forum.

Despite being a student, I’m a bit iffy on portraying teachers, let alone entire high school staff, in my first story. The MC is a new teacher with a small class (convenient for novice me), but he struggles with connecting with his students, and at best he is awkward and ‘wishy-washy’. The story’s going to be a romance (with another adult, don’t worry) but this other element would be a sub-plot.

Thus, please tell me certain qualities you appreciate from a teacher, or otherwise dislike; what you think makes or breaks a good-to-perfect teacher. You can even put in some past experiences if you want.

EDIT: As another note, from what you guys and gals would tell me, they would be kind of a goal for my MC. Without spoiling too much, being a teacher wasn’t his first choice but he’s willing to improve and aim to become a ‘better’ teacher. It’s another thing however if he’ll meet those ideals though


I think a teacher should be able to, to listen to each and every student, make positive and negative comments about their students work, and make classwork and learning appealing and fun to each student.

Have fun writing your story


I don’t know about the qualities I look for in a teacher, but I used to be a teacher, so if you have any questions about how to portray certain things, or what it feels like during certain moments, you can ask me anything you want. :slight_smile:


There’s this teacher that i really respect and admire. During finals he makes sure to pass by each and everyone in class to wish them good luck and help them relieve some stress.


Sounds like an interesting story.
When it came to my teachers, I appreciated the ones who made effort to connect with me. We’re not just students, we’re humans and we deserve to be treated as such. You know?
Even though I may not be as intellectual as you, I still deserve to be treated with patience and respect.
That’s why I could appreciate when my teachers would not just tell me what I’m doing incorrectly but break down the procedures in a way that made it easy for me to understand.


Nice, cool to have experiences from a teacher. For one, how was your interactions with other teachers? For my MC, he has mostly decent relationships with other teachers though not close, plus he’s a bit especially jealous of one


All pretty good. There were never any teachers I had a really negative relationship with, because even if you don’t like each other, you need to be professionals for the sake of the students.
I worked at 5 different schools over 5 years, some really big, some quite small, and it was different depending on the school. At the tiny schools you kind of interact with everyone even if you aren’t close.
At the bigger schools there’s some teachers I barely exchanged a word with over the course of a whole year.

The kindly older teachers tended to kind of take care of the younger teachers too, and support us when we were new and confused.
Also, teachers tend to really let loose at the end of year parties when we’re away from the school and the kids😂


My favorite type of teacher is a mentor type. My AJ (police) teacher, I look up to him so much. I don’t think I ever looked up to a teacher before who was just such an inspiration to me.

I also love story - telling teachers. Like gahhh omg why can’t every teacher be a story - telling teacher. Yes, they say the same story over and over again but I really like to listen to them. I didn’t necessary like their teaching styles, but I really enjoyed the class environment.

Everyone dislikes some teachers, but at least where I live, some of these teachers really do need to be evaluated and fired. He was utter freaking crazy, and talked about Fascism in our society for three hours straight. It was a CREATIVE WRITING unit, not a talk about why high schoolers are freaked up in everyway (note I was a High Schooler, taking college courses, when in that class) , and squirrel sex. Don’t get me started on his grading criteria… (yes, that was an actual topic) /// the moral is I hate teachers who use the class to get their ideas across.

But also those who bash on the current generation is super uncool. I appreciate teachers who know that being a teeanger is no easy task. I don’t know why but it feels like your world just falls apart some point between 12 - 18, and some teachers can be like freaking deal with it, whereas some are like, ‘hey, just let me know, if I can do anything to help you’


Man, sorry about that 2nd teacher, but thanks for sharing. I’ll take that in consideration


I feel like this is an interesting question because what we look for in a teacher isn’t necessarily (or often) what we get. All teachers aren’t strict and yell at you everytime you whisper like it’s portrayed in most stories, but it does happen. I think my idea of what I want in a teacher isn’t what would be considered realistic.

Unless you mean he’s going to be a major character with a full developed personality, in which I would make him charismatic and passionate, and calm but firm.


Cool! My main character is also a teacher, and I’m a teacher as well. The teachers I admire are the ones who motivate their students, encourage them to try their best, and care about them. I also admire teachers who are able to be strict yet flexible. I don’t like it when teachers are unreasonable. I struggle with discipline issues because it seems that many children and teens nowadays have lost respect for authority, and more often than not, it seems that a lot of schools allow this misbehavior, and even blame teachers for ‘not having good classroom management’ or ‘not anticipating behavior issues’. Smh.

I’d love to read your story once it’s published.


My favorite teachers in high school were the ones that didn’t try to project the appearance of perfection, they weren’t crazy strict or trying to play “hip teacher”, they acted like human beings and treated their students like human beings. They never condescended to us, as if we couldn’t know anything because we were kids, if you conducted yourself maturely and were respectful they spoke to you like an adult and treated you with the same respect.


When I saw the title of this post I thought it was going to be like a “what do you look for in a love interest” posts but about student/teacher romances specifically and I’ve never felt more relieved than when I actually read this post.


He have to be hot smart and understanding




Thank goodness I added the notes. :smile: Trust me, his work life and romance schenigans would be as far as possible.

True, true and thanks!

Nice! Now for another: how are teachers during exams?

Thank you for that insight. So what is your story?


MC is (and I am) VEHEMENTLY against this. Really, I don’t wish to be revolutionary or something. Then again, I think there’s not a lot of stories with teachers with S/T stuff, so who knows?


It’s called Diary of a Middle School Teacher. Here’s the link if you want to read it:


Exam time was (in Japan, at least) kind of boring, because every lesson was pretty much exam prep. We didn’t have to make lesson plans or materials or present lessons… basically just give mock exams and sit in silence for an hour each class as the kids took their mocks. Or let them review materials on their own.

Marking sucked though. We’d try to go over and give back the test papers by the next day, so we’d stay late marking for each class we had.
Official exams, of course, were given and marked by third party examiners with no connection to the school (in Japan, this was only for high school/university entrance exams. In New Zealand, older high school students had these exams at the end of every year).


Just added it to my shelf, can’t wait to read it, looks pretty cool so far