What do you look out for in stories?

Sahra here, I have a question.
What are the most important things in a story?
What do you absolutely dislike?
What is a cliche that would cause you to end a story?


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Everything in a story has a meaning so idk this one SoRrY

Uhm idk like when the best friend likes the brother and it’s all about them instead of the main character

When a character gets amnesia like it gets on my nerves because so MANY people do this that’s why I dislike that and I hate it when in a story (where mafia isn’t involved) out of the nowhere your love interest is a gang leader or in a mafia while everything was normal til episode 20 then I quit reading lmao


Owh and the last things are cliche hehe

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What is your opinion on the questions?

Thank’s for answering and for your interest!

I believe that a good plot and advanced directing are the key to a good story. Of course good grammar is important, but I would rather have a good directed story with bad grammar, then a bad directed story with good grammar.,

For the second one, I hate love triangles. It is okay to have multiple LI’s, bug that shouldn’t be the main focus of the story.

And I think that every cliche can be good, if it has some kind of twist. ((:

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Important things in a story are:

  • grammar & spelling
  • well written script
  • decent directing
  • attention grabbing plot

I hate stories that glorify rape, sex trafficking, pregnancy, serial killers, abuse, incest. They should be removed!!

I would stop reading a story if:

  • in a Classic art style
  • poor grammar & spelling
  • focusing too much on romance when the genre of the story isn’t romance
  • story being rushed

What are the most important things in a story?

  • directing, grammar, interesting storyline

What do you absolutely dislike?

  • stories that romanticize rape, abuse, etc.
  • pregnancy stories
  • classic style

What is a cliche that would cause you to end a story?

  • teen pregnancy