What Do You NOT like about Episode?


What are your thoughts about Episode? What do you NOT like about them?


The OVER DRAMATIC STORIES such as cheating on someone and getting pregnant, falling for/taming a bad boy, rape and abuse! Now don’t get me wrong some stories like that are good its just I’m tired of seeing the same thing!


There’s a topic section that says “Whats trending this week”
Um…weird that those EXACT EPISODE FEATURED stories have been trending for months now…


You don’t get passes back.


The lack of gender diversity




I swear the user stories are hardly ever updated


when EVERY SINGLE MC is the same boring basic girl that likes starbucks and has no personality. like no they are NOT relatable - plus they also try to be funny, haha no youre not funny


The only thing I don’t like about episode is waiting for passes


There’s only two…


Episode’s diamond draining stores, left-leaning, unlikeable characters…


It’s overused CLICHES. Like how many times am I going to see the same boring plot where it’s all about romance? Also, when you go to the Fantasy or Mystery shelves and some of the top stories are ROMANCE :unamused:


Gender = Sex
There’s only two, male and female.

Facts before feelings!


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