What do you prefer? - a poll

hey you all!

I’m having some doubts about whether I put or not how many points the MC has with each character… I searched for a poll like this, but couldn’t find it, so, do you mind answering this for me?

What do you prefer?
  • Know all the points you get (and probably what end you’ll get too)
  • Not know the points and discover the end by yourself

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thanks in advance! <3


honestly i’d rather know which choice leads to which point bc otherwise i get so stressed i’ll mess it up :sweat_smile:

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It depends, like if it’s two different love interest endings or two different life path endings then I’d prefer to know, but if it’s just between a good or a bad ending, I’d say keep the points hidden

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I have three different endings… Some things are just the same, but these 3 has meaninful differences… In this case, what would you think?

HAHAHA, it’s same here!
But the readers’ voice is the god’s voice (don’t know if this is a thing in english…)

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thank you so much for everyone who voted!

@Sydney_H hey, could you close this for me, please?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: