What do you prefer?

Okay I’m new to making stories on Episode. I’m starting my very own AS WE SPEAK!!! eeeeeek

Anyways, Do you prefer to make and edit stories on the App or on the Desktop “Writer’s Portal”? and why?

Thanks guys, just wanting opinions as I’ve read a few threads on both but can’t decide. :smiley:

Hii! I’m new aswell, and even though it’s hard to learn at first, I prefer the Writers Portal. If you do decide to use this, then I suggest to watching Joseph Evans’ tutorials on YT


I personally prefer on the desktop because it makes better directing. You get more animations, clothing and templates that can help you direct. But I can understand why other people prefer the app because it’s much easier


Writer’s Portal, cause of clothing, directing, animations, templates, choices, backgrounds, overlays and the list goes on and on. :smiley:


Writing portal, you have more control

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Oooo Thankyou!! I will check them out! :smiley:

In portal cause i am super lazy to open episode app and go open my story but sometimes i check in mobile cause it’s important it not may view in story like portal (It will be completely different so it is needed to check on on app ) :blush:

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Haha!! I decided to start again in Portal but I am constantly viewing my story on the app to make sure it looks okay :joy:

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Lol just see in last but you can if you want :wink:

I’m a definite portal fan, because it gives more flexibility and possibilities with directing. But to preview my story while working on it I use my mobile device, as this way is much quicker and more convenient, than using the PC previewer. :slight_smile: The only problem is that screen size (and sides size ratio) is different for different types of devices. for example, for some tablets and phones. It should be taken into account while placing characters in custom spots or working with overlays. The PC previewer screen is equivalent of a phone, but on a tablet the screen can be a bit cut from top and bottom.

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