What do you prefer?

Ink or LL & why?


LL, when I first tried the app I read INK, but then I took a pause, when I started up again I started reading LL by a coincidence and never gone back. Now I can’t even read INK. I like LL better because it’s more lifelike, now I feel the ink animations looks so robotic. Just my opinion <3


LL ftw like it looks so much better and lifelike. i’ve been reading episodes for so long i remember when the girls had massive heads and skinny waists so like out of every animation type LL is my favourite by far :star_struck:


Yes, I agree! I think Classic was the most nightmare mode… the characters looked so unnatural!


i adore limelight :star_struck:

I feel like ink could’ve been bigger but they moved on to LL. I’m not the biggest fan of the long legs and stuff but I like the clothing and hair.

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Honestly, I’ve always liked LL because it made it so much easier to make visually diverse characters + not make them look like they’re lowkey actually white. Like… I’ve tried remaking LL OCs of color in Ink out of idle curiosity, gave it my best attempt each time, and they looked soooo wrong.

Also, I just really like the more realistic look of the art style.

For me personally, LL has it all.

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Happy birthday :partying_face:

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omg thank you :flushed:

I prefer reading the INK style, but I don’t mind reading LimeLight stories. And Classic is horrible to me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

When I started with Episode (back in late 2017), LimeLight was a new style and there were more INK stories, so I started with that of course. It’s still my favourite style!
I couldn’t stand LimeLight at first, but because it is hard to find some new (good) INK stories, I tried to read a LimeLight story. Now I like that style too! :crazy_face:

That’s the same as me, i used to read ink (Rain) by jos. evans and the story was great and then when i read LL I fell in love with it and whenever i start reading a story an it is ink, i just exit the story and find a LL story :grin:

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