What do you prefer ??

So I was thinking of making a new story but the problem is I don’t know which type of characters to do so I decided to ask eveyone what they prefer so do you prefer Limelight or ink or classic :thinking:?


I like limelight most… It’s animation, outfits and all are amazing :star_struck:… But still you can write in which ever style you like :two_hearts: anyways I’m looking forward to read your story so let me know what you’d publish :two_hearts:

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I personally prefer limelight. The characters are beautiful and the animations are fantastic but i’d say it is up to u as the author to decide. :smiley:

I’m sure there will be readers who love ur story whether it is limelight, ink or classic. Different stories attract different readers :two_hearts:


Limelight :blob_turtle:

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just like the other replies above, I prefer Limelight the most because Episode keeps updating it with new animations and outfits. but honestly, you can choose whichever style you like the most! all the best :blue_heart:

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I prefer LL and I usually don’t read ink/classic



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I would say Limelight, but INK is not bad. (it was my favourite style before Limelight was introduced.) I’m not a big fan of Classic, so I prefer Limelight (and INK)!

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Mainly since LL is getter updates and Ink unfortunately isn’t :pleading_face:
(or classic)

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I personally think it depends.

LL is most likely the best route considering it gets regularly updates where as the others no longer get updated at all.

There are many Ink stories however, that I still enjoy reading and couldn’t imagine it in LL.

In my personal opinion I believe if you’re going to have episode edited characters for art scenes in your story, then to go with Ink. Otherwise go with LL since a majority of readers now prefer it.

I genuinely don’t know anyone who reads classic and I’m definitely not a fan of it myself.

There is a way to get all 3 styles in the same story though, but I’ve heard some readers get glitches.

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I will never read a Classic story. I went through that when Episode first was a thing, and I’d prefer not to relive those days.

I’m okay with either INK or Limelight. Honestly, as well as it’s well-written I couldn’t care less.

In terms of getting people to read though, I’d stick with Limelight as most people prefer the most updated style.

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Limelight :smiley:

It’s up to you, however I prefer LL, and it also gets updated often so it has newer stuff :heartpulse:

I prefer INK aesthetically, and stylistically. But I will admit that Limelight is growing on me heaps, and the outfits are the cutest. It’s just a shame that INK will never be updated with the same stuff that LL has :(( Once I’m done with my INK stories I’m probably going to ‘migrate’ to LL haha. Mainly because of the new stuff it’s getting.

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I prefer LL, I don’t really read ink unless the plot is really good. Classic just gives me a headache