What do you think about awkward people


Are they cute? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Or are they MEH? :thinking:
Share your thoughts people.
Post inspired by @HeartBreaker1011 :grin:


I-- I am awkward


eugggh this is weird, but i have a fetish for the awkwards. :laughing:


Lmao in real world yes I’m really awkward :joy:


same here :hugs:


Yesh welcome to the club :sob:


I’m awkward irl :joy:


I am myself awkward around several people. I start talking too much and too fast when I get awkward! :persevere:

One of my school buddy shared this –

I don’t have a nervous system.
I AM a nervous system.


Excited to see what people think of me.


Sometimes I’m awkward and I hate it : /

Although, in my opinion, there is no need to be awkward, put on a brave face, stand tall and be confident :wink: :sunny:


I am sooooo awkward like seriously :joy:


im like rlly awkward irl and i dont like it when people are like “Aww, being awkward is so cute,” bc it rlly isn’t i have bad anxiety and almost threw up on myself in costco nervously waiting in line for a sample bc i was rlly anxious and impatient. it happens to me all the time, i almost cried during my recent math test bc i didn’t wanna turn it in so i waited 30 minutes until turning it in. idk i just feel like being an awkward person really sucks, especially in really serious situations. lol srry for the rant


I’m probably the most socially awkwards person there is when it comes to new ppl but around my friends I’m like very not awkward if yall know what I mean by dat :crazy_face: