What do you think about ducks? 🦆

I’m pretty curious about this…:thinking:

Ducks are friends… and food.

Count me in… son.

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they’re cute lol

They’re ugly ducklings

I love ducks, they so cute and chubby! My favourite duck is a tufted duck beacuse they ducklings are so cute, and beacuse they dive too.

They can be loud but I like ducks :).

They’re really cool. They have really nice necks, and their feathers are so pretty. I remember spending my childhood summers in France throwing hardened baguettes to the ducks at a nearby river haha. But like, 2-3 years ago maybe, there was some disease that spread in France, so a lot of ducks raised on farms had to be killed. And now you aren’t allowed to feed ducks.

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Are you not allowed feed ducks in your country?

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You can’t feed ducks in France anymore. I live in America, where I don’t see any ducks; I just go to France to visit family.

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They’re cute until you find a bunch of poop in front of your yard :grimacing:

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