What do you think about "gain love points" stories?

Hello, everyone!

I need your opinion about point gaining stories.
The template for them usually is: you have a main heroine, her love interest, each choice can increase or decrease the relationship, the final outcome depends on how succesful you were in pursuing this.

Of course, there are various ways how to spice that up, like adding several potential boyfriends, fake or not so fake choices, extra story pieces.

Still, what do you think about these kind of stories in general? Do you like them? How often do you play them or search for a good one?


I like them. But only for certain stories.

Oh, then can you recommend good ones?
I want to write one myself but I’m lacking experience, so I’d like to read some for a good start.

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i like them, it’s better than just forcing one love interest who you may not like

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I like them a lot (: As long as the points are earned fairly. Not like:

What’s your favorite color?

“Red” {


} “Blue” {



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Hahah, yeah, that would be dumb :laughing:

You’d be surprised that this isn’t too far from some of the choices I’ve seen :sweat_smile:

If it’s done well enough, I quite like them. It’s sorta a “challenge” :joy:

I really have this problem with stories that make it the only type of choices in the game. It’s almost hard to explain?

I guess it just has to be done in a way that doesn’t force two characters together, who have no chemistry at all.

Also another thing that bugs me about this, is that some authors will continue to bug you with the other love interest, even though after many choices you decided on another choice. It’s quite annoying and it’s a huge put off to me.

Yeah? Share some choice-masterpieces!

About chemistry between to characters, what if the whole story plot is circled around certain two people?
Like, you already know, this is your “mate”. The choices only decide your success in that mission.

For example, Bad Boy Bachelor was that kind of story. Only that there were various girls around. Still, you fought for the man’s heart.

Of course, plot heavy stories with other accents, adventures, mysteries will usually suffer from single-route romance. With that I agree.

If I can think of some, I’ll let you know :’) Most of those are found in visual novels and dating sims, so that’s where you have a higher chance of finding the true choice-masterpieces :laughing:

I feel like that would be fine. Interesting idea as well, I don’t think I’ve seen many stories do that before.
As long as it’s explained (through actions, some words, etc.) it could easily work.
Yes, that’s a major problem for sure. I feel like as long as you do it correctly, and the characters make sense having a relationship, it can turn out really nice. Usually, it’s just forced :confused:

To be honest, if you were to do something like that, I’d be extremely interested in reading it!

That is an intriguing idea. If it is executed well, it could be a good read.

I’d be curious to know too.

Well, that’s why I created this topic in the first place. I actually want to try writing one like that, but I don’t know where to start and wanted to know, what I should be careful of.
Of course, I understood the basic idea and story pitches.

This discussion is actually helping!)
If you would like to hear my plot idea (this is yet just an idea), I’d gladly tell you about it.

I’m glad this topic is interesting for you all! This is actually my first time posting something and being able to see at least 5 people responding makes me really happy.

I like it! It makes choices matter at least a bit and adds more of a gameplay element to it. It also gives me the chance to avoid romance with someone I don’t like or even with avoid it entirely. I don’t like how most people write romance, so having that opportunity is important to me.

Well, I get the basic idea now.
You all mean that in a story where several characters are presented, only a single one is forced to be MC’s love interest.
But sometimes having a single boy/girlfriend is critical storywise.

So, that means, having several probable love routes in a story makes it good in a way that the readers themselves have a chance to choose more appealing character.
And if a story is about fixed, single pair, then it all depends on how their relationship is presented, whether it’s logical, natural, slowmo.

Tried to summarize things :sweat_smile:

You got it! You summarized everyone’s thoughts very well :smiley:

And I’d love to hear your plot idea! I’m quite curious.