What do you think about limelight?


So hi everyone hope you’re enjoying your day :smiley: so I was reading a topic about limelight and some things that they must add , but idk I think i started loving limelight version , the clothes are so pretty and props are really realistic but their walk are weird and some animation , we can’t make a guy hot but the rest is perfect…
And you what do you think about limelight?
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I think limelight’s awesome because it’s such a unique style!


Although ink is really cute and original, limelight is more realistic


It’s still a new style and that shows in the roughness of some of the animations and the lack of variety in assets, but it’s growing on me. I like the soft shading and personally prefer to use LL when I make Episode edits since it fits my art style better than INK. My current ongoing story and my next planned story both use Limelight.


Yeah , it’s very realistic and so unique .
At the beginning when the ink came we didn’t love it and this is the same thing with limelight
Love u




Personally, I prefer ink. In limelight, I feel like it’s wayyy harder to make a guy look cute. Lmao I’m sorry but the males are just straight up ugly to me. I love the clothing for the females and how the females look, though. I like the realistic look to it, too.

But INK is just- better. The characters can be very diverse, speaking in terms of race (LL too has lots of skin tones), age, and more. LL doesn’t have any bearded faces, oof. And INK has more animations. But I know episode is still developing LL since it is fairly new. I plan on trying to use LL for a future story I’m writing, hopefully I can adapt. :joy:


I feel like some people feel bad for using limelight because it’s sort of betraying ink and everyone’s going on about ink dying. But it’s not. People are just experimenting with the new style. Even I’m making a story in ink as well as limelight !
I don’t understand why people “hate” limelight, they’re both cool and you can have preferences. But it’d be a shame missing out on an awesome story just because it’s in limelight. I read both styles :two_hearts:


i wish they would stop trying to make lime light happen. Ink is still in the trending section and it looks more natural and the characters aren’t hideous. Limelight looks like creepy robot alien hybrids. Why can’t they just stick with one style instead of forcing limelight? Just my opinion no disrespect to anyone…


Yeah especially for making a guy hot he looks ugly but the clothes are omg
Thnx for answering you’re guys awesome


Oh yeah, if Limelight had a beard I’d never go back to ink lmao :joy:

But I have cute limelight guys…

What do you think of him?

I think he’s hot lol :joy:


:joy_cat::joy_cat: yeah but who know one day you will and all the community will prefer the limelight over the new version … Who know ?
Thank u for answering I :heartpulse: u so much


If people think limelight is ugly, what must they think of the FIRST style of episode? That one was HIDEOUS (the one BEFORE ink that they use in tutorials)


Eh, personally not the type of love interests I’d customise :joy: Nothing against your character, but LL has no type of love interest I’d customise lmaoo. :joy::joy:


Yep, he’s so hot , I wish that one limelight will progress :heartpulse:


Eh I still think he’s cute for a LL character lol




Agreed :joy_cat: