What do you think about my character designs?

These are the love interests for a story I’m making, and I was wondering if you were to read this story, would you be okay with limited cc/no cc? (If concerned about their similarity, they’re siblings.)

please do not share or use anywhere else, thank you!


Yes, I’d still read regardless of limited/no cc. Amazing designs!


They’re all cute!! I would still read even with limited cc :blob_hearts:

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Thank you sm! :black_heart:

They look great! Clearly related, but still student enough to easily tell them apart. I’d read without CC.


Ocean is stunning :flushed:

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WOah, I found my new baes :heart_eyes:


CC is secondary; it’s the story that counts! Are these two lovely characters sisters? /gen

I’d be a hypocrite to disagree because my story has limited MC CC and no LI CC sksksk.

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Yes, they are!

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oh, these are lovely. i wouldn’t customize them even with cc. amazing job on these.

I still read a story with limited CC or without CC. :wink: Depends on the story-line for me. As long as you have a good reason for limited CC or no CC, I am fine. (Sometimes I rather read a story without CC, than a story where you have CC for the MC and his/her whole family and for the LI and his/her whole family, to be honest. :wink: )

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I love them both they both look amazing!! And I would definitely read the story with no cc.

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