What do you think about spin offs?


So my question is:

If you read a story with the main characters then the author announces that she is going to make a spin off, would you guys read it?

  1. When you randomly start a story and you see the author tells or warning you this is a spin off of … Do you consider to read that story first then the spin off? Mostly they recommend to read the previous story. Or you don’t care about that?

If you ask me I like more when I know everything from the previous story, know their journey etc. and I have a wide knowledge about the past, of the people. Or is just me? :joy:

(Sorry for my Englis)


I read season 2’s, but not spin off’s about the daughter or something.

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If the story is about their daugter is not spin off, that’s sequel.

The spin off is about different character(s) for example an old friend who appears for a short time (2-4 episides)

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I personally still wouldn’t read it

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I would read the stories in both the cases only if I like the story which I first read

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I definitely would read the first story first, if that makes sense. But say I loved the first story then I would most like read the spin off, especially if you get connected to the characters. For example how AJM did her spin offs were the honey moons with some of the characters after the wedding in the first story.


Agree totally. Like I would maybe go for like a thing that happened in the vampire diaries and then the originals but I never really ended up like the show that they made about hope :confused:

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Like with Jessie and Bunk’d :rofl:

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And why you decided that?

I’m just curious😂

Cuz if I want to make a sequel I want it to be different. For example ig my first story is maffia the next one which is a sequel I don’t want it to be mafia too😂

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I’ve never read a spin-off or a part 2 of a story. I think Episode is unique as a platform because it’s super rare for a book to get a sequel since authors want to move onto something else. I personally would not read a sequel unless I was in love with the story

Yes omg that is also a good example haha.

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It’s kind of a personal thing, I just can’t read it after because I feel like if that stories over, I’m already sad and at the same time I just don’t want to see the story differently I guess. Idrk sorry

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It really depends in the story. Like, if the ending left you wanting more ana there was still stuff unexplained/still more stuff to go, then yes, I would definitely read it! But, if it ends with the mc married with kids n stuffs all finished, then I don’t think so. I definitely read the first story before the spin off, I don’t wanna get confused:)

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Thaaank youu I really appreciate it!:innocent:
And yeah I understanst what are you saying.

What do you think this type of end:

For example the mc gets married but you will see their future in different story ( another main character another love interest, so not their children) and neither I like these ways when you put their future in 2-3episodes. It’s sounds trite.
I would like to continue their story somehow but not from their aspect. Just a few moments with them.

(Sorry for my English)

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Don’t be sorry for your English, it’s great! Yes, I do like that idea. It’s like a different story with a different MC, so it’s not re-telling the same story. That’s a good idea!

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Thank you!:heart:
Take care😇

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I think it depends on the story and how much you like it. And I won’t always read the prequel to a story if I think the plot isn’t interesting or if it doesn’t catch my attention because it’s not really necessary. I read the prequel to a story once and hated it, at least compared to the sequel I was reading. It all depends on the author and the story. But usually if it’s a great story that I love then I will definetly be eager to read the story.

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