What do you think about story "The Baby project"?

This is what I think :slight_smile:

»Name: the name of the story is veryy weird! When I first read It I was a little confused.
»Story: It’s weird,but It was something new it wasn’t some mafia boss,or bad boy story but still it was weird.
»Who has baby project in their schools? Baby robot?? (They weren’t even baby sitting,episode added a bit of scenes with baby but just so they can say there is some!
Lol what do you think ? :joy:

I love :heart: it!!

Bad first impression and there wasnt a baby project thing in reality

It had a bad first impression but I gave it more of a chance then I usually would. It was fun, entertaining, and Tony looked like an old butch lesbian. (insert me spamming my girlfriend with pictures of her and joking about how she’s gonna grow up to be her.) I would love to read it again, but the partner, Leah (I chose the girls route) was… annoying with her constant mysterious mess. I just… don’t care about your past. Just fuck me, why else am I here?


Read the first episode, thought “nope, not for me” and moved on.

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