What do you think about the depth within my characters?

I am unsure of whether the plot is too complicated or not or whether I should make their backstories left detailed


Note: top left is queen misteria (mother of princess skyelin and wife to king polus)
Top right is king polus (husband to queen misteria and father to princess skyelin)
Bottom left is princess skyelin (Mother is queen misteria, father is king polus and lover is the MC storm)
bottom middle is captain storm (Lover is princess skyelin, first mate is demetria)
bottom right is first mate demetria (Captain is storm)


basically storm the mc’s backstory is that they were one a noble lady of a distant kingdom who set sail with her family on a delegation trip over a peace treaty when their ship was attacked by pirates and her family was thrown overboard, when her ship was found the royal family of her homeland accused her of treason (thinking the pirates were a lie and that she did it all to gain her families titles and land) and they banished her, so she gathered a crew of people failed by their leaders and hunted down the pirates who stole her family from her… she then soon became known as the feared captain storm, queen of the seas whom none dared to challenge… a rebellion leader who had heard the cries of the people on distant shores suffering under a tyrant leadership… Storm soon falls in love with skyelin and realises she is the princess and that skyelin wasnt guilty of tyranny, that her royal seal had been put on shady decrees without her knowledge… and that skyelins mother, queen misteria had been the eldest daughter of the royal family from her homeland and because her family never made it to delegate a peace treaty, the eldest daughter princess misteria was forced into a marriage alliance with a prince polus who’s tyranny forced her to obey him and follow him blindly…

*so storm is basically tryna prove skyelins innocence whilst having trauma
*Misteria is in an forced marriage that she cannot leave and has been made into an accomplice as a victim
*king polus is a major tyrant
*storm is leading this rebellion against the royals and there is too much fire to be able to call it off to save skyelin
*demetria is incredibly protective over her captain as demetria was recruited after she was outcasted for not producing an heir for her leaders and thinks of storm as the daughter she never had- note: demetria was from a very strict, polyamorous land

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This looks good! I may give this story a try after I finish reading all the other ones recommended to me!

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Currently I am still doing chapter 1 lol, I am just plotting out ideas for it to give it depth

I get you, I did the same thing with my story too

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