What do you think about the following phrase

I’m planning a scene where the LI is writing a song for the MC. So I was thinking of adding the following line.

I know we are friends and that is just fine but I wondered if you’d be mine.

The song will make more sense with the other lyrics but it means
“Would you be my girl”

But what do you think of the phrase “my girl” To me it’s kind of sweet but on the other hand I wonder… does it sound possessive


it dosent, its just a cute text, if people get offened over that they are way to sentetive.

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Ha ha thats what I thought :joy:

I just know that in this day and age everyone is offended by pretty much everything :joy::rofl:


thats true.

I find it sweet :4! I enjoy when my friends or s/o calls me theirs (eg: “that’s my best friend!” “that’s my baby!”). I think of “my” here less like you’re claiming ownership over a person and more like you’re declaring how proud you are to know them/have them in your life. Does it sound possessive? I mean, slightly, but our loved ones should have at least some type of hold on us; I think that’s how relationships work.

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