What do you think about the story "Clothes off"?

So some ppl here might know the new story called “Clothes off” that Sai, the author of “Complicated” published. So what do u think abt this story? Any opinions?

My opinion is it’s no better than complicated. Still the same cliche story with a bad boy and a girl that falls in love too easily.


Maybe, but I think that it’s a bit ifferent. I love the cliche, drama, and romance stories, so I was hooked the moment I ended episode 1. I wish the episodes were longer and filled with more drama, but I know Sai will deliver. I hope she keeps writing!

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Bad boy? Did we read the same thing? I could swear Alec was a golden boy who’s just mean. Lol.

It’s going good so far, it’s enjoyable. Better than complicated imo, if it doesn’t become repetitive like Complicated, I’ll probably finish it.

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I am currently reading it and so far, it’s good. I haven’t read the story “Complicated” but I like this one.

I like how the story is funny and light right now and that Alec is not that bad a bad boy, if you know what I mean. But it’s really too soon for me to tell if I am going to like it or not.

But I do see a cliche brewing up. They’ve got a mean girl and her minions and a bad boy and an average MC so it’s really hard to say anything for sure.

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It’s cute, but quite cliche (Plain main character, annoying brother, mean girl, moved to a new town, bad boy etc, etc.) I do like the main character’s self confidence through, it’s something that is feel like a lot of main characters in episode lack.

I haven’t read it and I doubt I will be reading it. I did read Complicated but I never completed it. I don’t like it when authors meaninglessly stretch the story. I like drama but I found Complicated just too cliched. And past a point I couldn’t continue.

I’ve tried both stories and didn’t like them. Not my cup of tea and they seem very similar to me (from what little I read). Really smart “bad boy” character that the MC can’t help but obsess over. I can see why people would like it though.

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