What do you think i should do?


4 years ago, i fell for a guy.

3 years ago, we started dating.

2 years ago, he randomly disappeared from my life. he just started ignoring me.

1 year ago, i finally moved on. met a girl. fell for her.

today, he texted me. said he wanted to “get to know each other” again. i was innocent and didn’t catch all the hints. we asked all those “favorites” questions and other questions about our lives. he kept asking me, “do you like anyone?” “who do you like?” “do i know them?”

eventually, he says, “you know who i like?” and i go “you asked ____ out, right?” he says, “i thought i liked ____, but i think she just wasn’t the one.” and i’m like, “then no, idk who you like.” and he says, " i known her for 4 years. her name starts with (my first initial) and you know her reallllly well." and i go “i’m not playing a guessing game with you… what are you saying?” he says, “i like you. always did.”

and i hope you know how hard i was face palming right there. i go “look, i don’t know you anymore. i don’t actually like you anymore. i might have, but you never said anything. i’m sorry.i could in the future, but not right now. i’d still like to get to know you, though.” he was cool with it. i think.

but now i’m scared. what if i get to know him again, fall all over again, and get ghosted again? i don’t know if i can handle that. what do you think i should do?

edit: i thought about what you all said and when he asked to go for a movie with me, i told him, flat out, no thank you.


How old are you, if it’s not too personal a question?


let’s just say i’m a teen. so 13-18 :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s a really big developmental gap between 13 and 18, which one are you closer to?


closer to 13.


Did this guy ever acknowledge the fact that he dropped you out of nowhere? Did he explain himself or apologize?


he said, “i don’t know why we stopped talking. i think i was just afraid to say how i felt.” so i guess no.


Don’t bother he a player and if he already done it once he do it again.
Why ruin something with someone you might have a future with, for a guy who treated you like dirt.
And I got bad news for you he will hurt you over and over again as that is what players do I know your young but you really deserve better.


I was thinking the same. I mean how can you trust him again…


I wouldn’t but I’ve seen so many girls and grown woman get burned and ruin their lives over a person who treats them so badly and who deserve so much more.




What did you expect the first time around with this guy? Were you two exclusive, were you casual, is the person you’re with now someone you’re serious about?


If you’re happy right now, drop him, baby girl. Why does he get to decide when he’s ready to come back into YOUR life. He doesn’t. You do. And I’ve been your age and I know that talking to someone you use to be involved with (even though the goal might be to only be friends) is a slippery slope. I would tell him you need space and that when you’re ready you’ll reach out (if ever).
But if you want to be his friend (I don’t recommend it but I also don’t judge it) then he needs to know the line from the get go. He needs to know you are happily with someone else and that he shouldn’t say or do anything that would disrespect you current relationship. And if he does then cut him loose, because he’s being selfish and destructive.
I know people say “follow your heart” but there’s a time and place and at this time in your life, at the place where you are, you need to follow your brain.


Is it that serious? I think it’s kinda weird you’re like 13 and you said you dated that guy like 3 years ago…
And if you think he’s just gonna “ghost” you, don’t date him!
But anyway, I don’t know you or what’s going on with you people, so I can’t really give you a completely helpful advice, I’m also most likely older than you (because who knows how old you really are) and it’s different for me, so just go with your feeling and prepare yourself that if he did it once, he might do it again.


Wow, I’m sorry to say but if your closer to the age 13 you should not be worrying about this boy. It sounds like he’s playing mind games with you, don’t give him the time of the day, if you say you’ve met someone new and your happy don’t let some boy who ghosted you come into your life and cause problems.
He obviously has realised he was wrong for what he did but being young he also has to learn this is not the correct way to treat people.


Oh hun, leave him in the dust. If you’re happy with the girl you like now, don’t bother. If you still have some sort of feelings for him after what he did, get to know him. If he ghosts you again, don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault he ghosted you.

If he was afraid, then know he should know not to act like that again with the next boy/girl. If you’re closer to 13 try to focus on what makes you happy, you should always do that. I’m around the same age and I’ve had some boy drama in the past. One of the worst things to do is get hung up over everything.


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