What do you think is the most satisfying ending for an Episode story?

This is what I think is satisfying:

  • An ending that has a good epilogue to the story of which basically elaborates on what happens with each character.

  • An ending where the villain pays for its wrongdoings.

  • An ending where the MC and the LI finally have a fully established relationship and they see where they go next.

  • An ending where the MC and LI get married and then have baby together.

That’s what I think is satisfying, but what do you think makes an ending satisfying.


That. But it doesn’t need always perfect and having them babies together. (I rather see stories where are also some hiccups about getting pregnant and raising children.)

Satisfying for me is when:

  • The LI and/or MC doesn’t get harmed (or killed) at the end;
  • The villain pays for it’s wrongdoings and also having his/her own happy ending;
  • It isn’t an open ending (open endings are cruel and makes me angry to be honest);
  • And for the rest I totally agree with you. :wink:

When big authors do open endings, we have it in our literature books and it is treated as a ‘specialisation’ for the author… ‘he/she is known for short stories with open endings’ but acc to me they’re just lazy -_-


Exactly, and that makes me soo angry. I always like to know how every story ends and when the ending is open it’s like a piece of the plot is missing. :wink:


I like any kind of endings if it makes sense, but yes there’s one that I hate: open ending! Especially if it left too many questions. Like too many!

I don’t mind with a good or bad ending, as long as all problems are answered.
Ending with wedding and happy family is the most satisfying to see.
Bad ending is fine if the execution is right. I remember watching a movie with a bad ending, and it pissed me off, but it was still a very good movie with the most reasonable ending.

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I prefer an ending that fits the story before it. For instance, if the story is just one tragedy after another, I don’t want to see some deus ex machina that leads to a happy ending. If the story has been really happy and carefree, I don’t want to see everyone suddenly die at the end. If the storytelling has been definitive the whole way through, I want to see I definite ending. If the storytelling is very nuanced and constantly making you think, I want an open ending with no easy answers. From an analytical perspective, I’m alright with any ending provided it’s consistent.

But if I allow my biases and personal feelings into the mix, I generally hate endings where the MC and LI get married and have a kid. Mainly because I don’t see that as a happy ending. It feels like it’s just fulfilling a societal expectation that a person can only be happy if they get married and have children, hence why it’s the “happy” ending. And that is something that I don’t agree with at all. But that’s just my opinion. :laughing:

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