What do you think is the oldest age for an Episode reader?

Im 29, and most of my friends on here are around my age. :man_shrugging:
So I did a poll on Instagram.
Most of my followers are over 18.

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But most of my over 18 followers, are still under 30. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


Very interesting indeed :thinking:

Good idea to run a poll :+1::bulb:

I don’t think age matters regarding Episode - considering **anyone ** can get paid via Episode with enough story reads. Some people prefer books, and others prefer visual stories like Episodians. It’s all in how they prefer to read a story.
I, myself, am 21.


I’m 17 and I honestly feel like a child with all the older users on the forums :joy: I don’t know who’s the oldest person reading Episode (probably the 80+ grandma) but I have a 45 yo relative who reads Episode (I introduced it to him, but he plays the app now) it can obviously be appealing for older audiance, even though it’s a pretty ‘young’ app.

(I also got my 70 yo dad to love Wattpad, it’s not Episode but it feels like an achievement )


It’s just my opinion I guess :wink:

Omg sorry I had to comment again but the fact that one of you said ur more open to older women readers than older male readers because of “society” got me like :thinking::tired_face:

Like these things we say- these little just things, even just in passing- have an impact on people (which is why I personally attack people instead of putting them in a group :wink: :joy:. Just because he’s an old dude, we shouldn’t exclude him. Just because he’s old or/and a man, we shouldn’t dismiss him as a predator immediately in our minds. That kind of thinking seems to me to be toxic AF and when you put people (especially men, these days) in a box just because of the way they are which isn’t even nessacarily a bad thing?? and don’t include them anywhere i-

It just ain’t it chief. Damn idk what I’m talking about anymore and now y’all got me thinking about how women shaving commercials always show women who are ALREADY shaved while they show men ACTUALLY using the product I gotta dip


I agree with this.

Reading these comments on how people think a man over 50 playing episode is “wrong and weird” seemed I dunno. Your uncomfortable with a man minding his own business reading episode, but not with a women over 50 playing episode. :woman_shrugging:t4:
That’s ignorant.

The comments that “explains” why a 50 year old man reading episode is weird, is ridiculous.

BAHHAHAH :skull:



There is not an “oldest age”… Imagine if someone out of the blue walked up to me and told me “yo, you are too old! What the hell are you doing? Still watching animated shows and playing The Sims 2?”

I would laugh my ass off!

Personally, I think anyone over thirteen can read and/or write Episode stories. This is not a club where it is weird to find older people among teens shaking their butts to some raunchy music. It is a platform to create appropriate stories :joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Perfect

Obviously way younger than I am. I’m somewhat ashamed for myself.

Well, I think any age is okay but like if your like 40+ thats getting too much, because pedos can come on forums… Like I mean ig its fine if they are just reading episode but if a girl or guy over 40 comes on forums hell no, sorry, but I don’t trust old people with a bunch of teens. Luckily forums has very good moderators that are fast to respond, but anything can happen.

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I don’t think this should be a topic. It may make the older readers feel ashamed and they may stop reading Episode and maybe even leave the community. There are also authors. When they look at this thread, what’ll they think? They would think they’re too “old” and it could discourage them. Everyone, and by that I mean everyone has the right to read Episode. No matter how old. What’s the purpose of this thread anyways? Making the older writers and readers feel ashamed?

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