What do **YOU** think makes a good episode story and why do you write?




I thought it would be a good idea to share opinions on what makes a story good? Is there any inspirational quotes or comments or just words of wisdom from a friend that allows you to understand what makes a story meaningful and what makes it worth reading in the first place?

Me personally I believe the moral message, character development and directing of a story is what makes it good. A story can have a very interesting plot, but without a direction it can be lost, the development is not created and the characters fail to learn from their past mistakes. I believe a good story is not based on what is said but what is unsaid, the underlying meaning beneath all the drama and the ultimate relisation of the main character. What do you guys think?

WHY DO YOU WRITE? (For the authors out there.)

I also thought it would be cool to add why you write in the first place. What drives you? What makes you want to sit down and spend hours on a story?

I’m really interested to hear opinions on this!!


I think what makes a good story is a good plot and good directing.

Any story I love has a unique approach like an LGBT+ MC or mental and emotional health with a hard past making the person heartbroken and looking for someone to fix them. I also find ones that are really symbolic and metaphorical to be good.

My story that I’m writing called Secrets of Life is really deep and has mental health issues but I’m always getting distracted or bored of writing so I just go on my iPad like I am now. I’m still finding motivation I think it may be to help people understand people’s struggles in a first point view and to see an whole new world


Answering your first question I would say that I like the stories which are a bit realistic , where the plot progresses gradually and where characters are developed , details are paid attention to and all that.

Then secondly what inspires me to write ? Well I write just because I love to. If I am not writing and sitting free my mind runs back to my characters automatically so I don’t have to make an effort for thinking. The ideas come to mind and I write them down. That simple !


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I didn’t start my writing hobby on Episode. My creativity started when I could read. My hand writing was always neatest in my lower grade classes. I just had to work on my spelling. I think writing helps me escape and cope with reality. I always had a creativity mind that would get me into trouble (sometimes.) writing is just beautiful I guess.


I think what makes a good story is something super creative and unlike anyone has seen before. I like it when I can really see all their hard work in the story, you can see that they really pushed themselves with the directing and they know when to place certain points in the plot to give it good suspense. I also like when the author puts in humor in unexpected places.
I like when the author creates characters like ones you might see in real life- ones that you can relate to- like a strong independent MC and a sensitive guy with a ton of feelings. I like when the author puts a lot of diversity and different cultures into their writing. It’s bound to impress more people.
What motivates me to write: I like to think of writing as a world you’re creating. You can literally put anything in it! (If writing on episode- it has to be within episode rules and guidelines tho) It motivates me to think that maybe I’ll be the next person to create a world that some people will really relate to- and be on the edge of their seats- laughing at the humorous characters. It also encourages me to think that I’m getting better and better at the writing.


Hard work and dedication but also some fun. Also I think stories are the best when you can see how much effort that person has put into it, instead of not trying. Even if it’s awful, at least they tried :blush::smiley:


I started writing for my best friend :blush: @Flav
We’ve both been on Episode for a looong time but never thought of be writers ourselves. And like, one day we told each other we’d write a story for the other, and it started like that :slight_smile:


I think a story is good when the content is well written and thought through… It doesn’t have to be something no one has ever seen before but I like it when the author adds his/her personal touch and turns it into his/her own plot :slight_smile:


OVERLAYS! Honestly, if a overlay is greatly directed, good plotline, excellent choices and promotes GOOD THINGS. I think that’s like the four key things to a good story.

Honestly, I first found out there is an opportunity to write and that people can have a look at how capable I am, that’s the real motivation that made me start writing.


Oooo I definitely agree!! If the author has put just as much work into the backgrounds and overlays it can flip the story!!


Shameless self promo here, my story is about a girl who’s family fell apart after her mom died, she has three brothers, one tried to kill himself after being bullied, one was stuck in an unhealthy relationship and used crime as a way to forget his grief, and the other couldn’t focus in school anymore when he used to be really good, and had an emotional break down.

The whole story isn’t based on that, though. It’s more about fantasy shit, but more how Kendall, the mc, struggles to keep her family safe and happy while also trying to defeat a witch from a magical realm. I’m going to add more character’s pasts and I plan to have someone with an eating disorder, and it’s also in my plan for the mc to finally have an emotional break down after trying for too long to be strong for everyone else! lmao


My main character is a lot like me, most of her family life is based on my true story, but Kendall (the mc) is an alter-ego that I created years ago when I felt lowest in my life. She was the part of me that was strong, confident, brave and beautiful and I liked her more than I ever liked me. The story that I’m writing now is not the first story I’ve ever written about Kendall, but the first I’ve ever published. I can relate to Kendall’s struggles in my story because they’re all reasons to why I created her in the first place. Whenever I’m feeling anxious, weak, scared or ugly I just pretend to be Kendall Hastings. And I feel better. Writing about her and my own life has really helped me come to terms with the loss of my mom, to the point where I can write about her without crying anymore, because in my own world, she’s still alive.

Phew. Sorry, didn’t mean to make that into a big sob story haha!


Omg that’s so sad I hope you got better

What’s the title


Thanks, I’m all better now.

It’s called Hale Huna


I think this is probably gonna be one of the best stories I’ve been reading nothing episode for at least around 2 months now because it’s so cliche


Please don’t get your hopes up, sweetie. It’s my first story


I just read the some of the first chapter as I need to go sleep soon and I will continue reading it after my sleep


Okay. thanks


Regardless of the platform, there are certain things a story needs to be a good story:

  • A gripping plot that makes sense
  • Good characterisation
  • Good exposition
  • Good pacing
  • An understanding, on the writer’s part, of space and time
  • Good, believable dialogue
  • An interesting, unique premise
  • Understandable language (good spelling, punctuation and grammar)

These are things that every good story has, whether it’s a book or an Episode story.

Personally, I write for multiple reasons. The first one is definitely that my mind is always brimming with ideas. There’s always something cooking up in there. But also, I write to try to be the change I want to see: instead of complaining about the lack of diversity in stories, I add diversity to my own. Instead of wondering when people are going to be more unique and creative with their ideas instead of regurgitating the same overused plots, I make stories that are unique. That way, if they’re liked, people will understand that there are many different good stories out there.