What do you think makes a good story?

So I have been wondering, what makes a good story?
Drop your opinions below!

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I like when the story has:

  • unique plot💯
  • many different personalities (the stupid one🤪, the clever🧐, the perfectionist😷)
  • I like when the plot keeps rolling (all the dialogues needed) and not be reading something and be like… Why am i reading this nonsense😡?
  • I love cliffhangers😱
  • Also i will keep reading a story that been updated once a week or twice. If I see that a story is taking months to be updated then i will just give up on the story even if it is perfect💭
  • Plot twists are perfect :heart_eyes:
  • Also when the story keeps surprising you is ugh excellent :revolving_hearts:

Things that I hate in a story

  • I hate when i have to reread the previous episode🤧
  • I also hate when the intro and the splashes are taking too much time, (it happened to read a story and waited 2 minutes till the story start because of the many splashes, ofc i gave up on the story even if it was a good one):sweat:
  • I am getting really annoyed when you have to chose eg not date and then dates :angry:

-Likeable characters
-more to the plot than just the relationship
-uniqueness or anything that makes it stand out from other stories
-comedy :slight_smile: doesn’t have to be a comedy genre, but I like at least a few jokes here and there in a story
-clichés can sometimes be very enjoyable, but it really depends on how you present it

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