What do you think? "Miss.Rebel"

Hey, guys! I am working on a story called “Miss.Rebel” I would like advice and some help.

The story is about: You are a well behaved girl with prefect grades and super nice! You made it into Collage! NO, your dream Collage! But, your roommate is a troublemaker! To make things worse your Science partner is her older brother?! Being surround by troublemakers, will you continue behaving and nice or will your world change?

What do you think? Any ideas? And I am also working on episode 5. :grin::no_mouth::persevere:
Plzz check it out!

I like it. Is it going to be a romance drama comedy?

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Ooops! Thanks :grin::no_mouth:

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Yup! And thanks!:grin: